Adblockers for iPhone

Web ads are a challenge for everybody. That's why one of the most hyped features of iOS 9 is content and ad blocking, which aims to provide buttery smooth browsing in Safari by cutting out the extras. Here are the best ad blockers for iPhone and iPad available right now!

To enable any of these, you'll need to go to Settings, Safari, then Content Blockers. Toggle your favorite blocker at will. You can get a full run-down of how to enable content blockers in Safari here.

How to enable content blockers in iOS 9

Though we (obviously) want to see content creators get paid, we want you to have a great experience as well. Just do us a favor and keep iMore on your whitelist (or, if you must ad block, consider buying our ebooks to support our site)!

1. Crystal

Crystal blocks advertisements and user tracking in an effort to save you on wireless data usage and generally speed up the browsing process. There's currently no whitelist within Crystal, but you can easily report any sketchy sites you run into for blacklisting.

2. 1Blocker

1Blocker for iPhone

Out of the box, 1Blocker stops 7000 bad behaviours on the mobile web. You can add in your own by blocking social widgets, custom web fonts, sites, and cookies. What's especially impressive is 1Blocker's web-based rule creator, where you can take a URL and block the content outright, hide content from it, block cookies from working, or whitelist by ignoring previous rules. These rules can apply to images, StyleSheets, popups, and images. For the power-user, 1Blocker is a great pick. It's free to try (though you'll need to pay $1.99 to unlock unlimited blocker functionality).

3. Blockr

Blockr ad blocker for iPhone

Blockr is a simple app that allows users to shut down ads, media, social buttons and cookies with a quick toggle. An Extension lets you hop into Blockr settings directly from Safari, where you can add sites to your whitelist, and tailor what to block on any given site. If you actually don't care about cookies (or feel good that Blockr is taking care of it), you can block sites from issuing cookie warnings. Blockr's database of sources to stop is continually updating in the background, so you can count on it being accurate.

4. Purify

Purify content blocker for iPhone

Purify lets you block scripts, custom fonts, and images from downloading in Safari without your permission. Purify Extensions allow you to quickly add a site to your whitelist of exceptions right from Safari. Purify filters bad sites from an extensive and continually-updated list geared specifically to mobile.

5. Your favorite ad blocker for iPhone and iPad?

This is a brand new category of app, so we're curious to hear what you're using. There are still a handful of promising options that have yet to launch, but please drop a link in the comments to content blockers you're enjoying.