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Best high school and college backpacks for students 2022

Finding the best back for students is an important endeavor. Students carry around a lot of stuff, like books, laptops, hoodies, water bottles - the list could go on for ages. They need a sturdy, roomy backpack that will survive the school day being thrown around and filled with all manner of things. Of course, every student has different needs. Some need a protective laptop sleeve, others a good place to fit gym clothes and shoes. We've found the best student backpacks we can find, and put them all here for your perusal - here are the best high school and college student backpacks around.

The best backpacks for students

Our top three picks for this year

Our favorite backpack is the Mancro Laptop Backpack for Travel. It's got a slot for just about everything, like a built-in laptop sleeve, a phone pocket, and even an anti-theft pocket for your valuables. There's even a bigger option for bigger laptops, and its relatively low price makes it a very solid option for anyone.

If you want something slimmer, the YOREPEK slim computer backpack is a compact option that also has enough space for all your gear. There's even a little USB port on the side that you can hook your portable battery up to, and then use to charge your phone or headphones.

And if you're a frequent flier, you're going to love the SWISSGEAR 1900 ScanSmart. It's big enough to hold a 17-inch laptop, clothing, and all your gear, plus it's TSA-friendly.