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Best Instant Pot Cookbooks for One-Pot Meals in 2020

Best One Pot Instant Pot Cookbooks
Best One Pot Instant Pot Cookbooks (Image credit:

One-pot cookery is an absolute lifesaver for busy families and households, especially on weeknights. Being able to gather and prep a big old pile of ingredients and chuck them all in one cooking vessel saves on washing up, time, and energy. Instant Pots, with their fast cooking speeds, make the process even easier. In celebration of the marvel that is one-pot Instant Pot cookery, we're taking a look at the six best cookbooks available to provide you with inspiration and expert guidance.

Specialty recipes

All these cookbooks come recommended, but we love our overall choice, Skinnytaste One and Done (opens in new tab) from Gina Homolka. You honestly won't realize you're eating healthy options with gorgeous hearty recipes like beef goulash macaroni and carne asada fries.

If you're looking for a cookbook that goes beyond just Instant Pot options, the Taste of Home One Pot Favorites (opens in new tab) recipe collection gives you over 500 dishes to work your way through with various cooking methods covered.

Fans of Southern cooking should definitely try Laura Arnold's Instant One-Pot Meals (opens in new tab). Arnold makes the most of your Instant Pot's multi-functions with Southern-inspired meals that can all be cooked in just one pot.

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