Best iPad apps for Instagram: See all your favorites shots, and selfies, on the big screen!

While Instagram may only be officially supported on the iPhone, that doesn't mean it doesn't belong on your iPad too. The larger screen begs to have photos views on it and Instagram is no exception. Luckily, lots of App Store developers have stepped up to fill in the app. Unfortunately some options are not nearly as good as others, so if you're only interested in the best iPad apps for Instagram, follow along for our top recommendations!


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Best iPad apps for Instagram: Padgram

Padgram goes above and beyond your run of the mill Instagram experience. Not only can you view your Instagram feed, you can also subscribe to both users and tags. On the flip side, you can also hide users that are chronic posters in order to clean up your feed. Find a photo you really like or lost one of your own? Padgram lets you quickly and easily download up to 100 photos from Instagram at once without interrupting what you're doing. If your iPad is shared amongst more than one person, Padgram also supports multiple user accounts for on the fly switching.

If you want the ability to add multiple Instagram accounts in one app along with the option to download multiple photos at once, look no further than Padgram.

Retro for Instagram

Best iPad apps for Instagram: Retro for instagram

Retro for Instagram also lets you subscribe to tags and users as well as sign in to multiple accounts. What sets it apart from other Instagram apps available for iPad is the amount of options you have when it comes to viewing your feed. In just a tap, you can toggle between several viewing modes to find the one that suits you. Retro also saves your recent searches and history so you can jump back to something incredibly quickly. There is also a great notifications stream for users and tags you follow which makes it easy to separate them from everyone else. Retro also supports downloading images in just a tap.

For great search history combined with multiple account support and a better design than even Instagram offers, you want Retro for Instagram.


Best iPad apps for Instagram: Instapics

Instapics offers an experience that's very close to what you get from the official Instagram for iPhone app. All the same tabs are there plus the addition of a liked section so you can quickly get to all the photos you've favorited. If you find photos you want to download, just open a photo and tap on the download button. There are also shortcuts to generating links to a photo and sharing it.

For an Instagram experience on your iPad that's as close to what you get on your iPhone as possible, check out Instapics.

Instagram for iPhone

Best iPad apps for Instagram: Instagram

Even though the official Instagram app was only optimized for iPhone, that doesn't mean you can't download and run it on your iPad. Is it ideal? No. But since Instagram doesn't allow access to the camera API to any other third party app, you'll need it in order to take and upload photos to Instagram on your iPad. If you don't need tag and user searches, multiple account support, or any other fancy bells and whistles, the official app may suit your needs just fine. And even if you do, you'll want to download the official app so one of the above apps can route you to Instagram in order to take and upload photos right from your iPad.

If you desperately need to be able to upload photos to Instagram from your iPad, you'll need the official Instagram app, optimized or not.

Your vote for best Instagram app for iPad?

None of the above apps are a perfect solution to using Instagram on the iPad, but in some ways, they contain awesome features that even the official Instagram app doesn't offer, which makes them unique and worthwhile. So which one are you going to go with? And if you chose something else, be sure to let us know that too!

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