Best iPad apps for teachers: From planning to class participation, start the school year off right!

Are you a teacher looking for the best iPad apps to help you not only stay on top of things, but enhance the entire classroom experience? The App Store is full of educational apps that not only makes learning fun, but can help engage your students. For after class, there are lots of productivity apps that can help you stay on top of lesson plans, keep track of participation, and much more. Put them together and they can make for one of the best school years yet! No matter what grade you teach, these are the iPad apps we think no teacher should ever go without!


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Best iPad apps for teachers: ClassDojo

ClassDojo lets teachers providing meaningful feedback to students regarding their behavior. Not only that, parents can also communicate with you on how their child is doing in class. This means no more late night phone calls with parents to discuss issues and participation. Simply send them a message and they can respond when they're available, while you can do the same. Since ClassDojo offers fun ways of encouraging positive behaviors, it's a great motivator to help students want to participate.

If you teach on an elementary level and want to help enforce positive behaviors in your students, look no further than ClassDojo to help you do it.


Best iPad apps for teachers: Remind

Remind, previously Remind101, helps you quickly and instantly communicate with your students and their parents without ever having to exchange actual phone numbers. For students, you can easily send out homework reminders and even a great job message to encourage a specific student. You can also reach parents in the same way and send out notifications on slips that were sent home to be signed, information on an upcoming test, or anything else you feel they should be notified about. You can even queue up notifications ahead of time so you don't forget later.

For an easy way to send out alerts and notifications about the classroom to parents and students, check out Remind.

Best iPad apps for teachers: is an all-in-one suite where teachers can upload assignments, syllabus', tests, announcements, and more. Not only are these items available inside the app, but they're available on your own website on the web. Your students can then use the myHomework app in order to view and download their assignments, or they can view your own unique website in order to download them to their computer. Since supports Dropbox and many other cloud storage services, the types of files you can upload and share are pretty much endless.

If you're teaching middle school or high school, is a great service that puts your entire classroom and lesson plan online for both students and parents.

Haiku Deck

Best iPad apps for teachers: Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is one of my [favorite presentation apps for iPad](and one of the best places to use it is in the classroom. Every presentation you create in Haiku Deck is immediately available on all mobile devices and on the web, which means that no matter how your classroom is set up, you can project your presentations to whatever equipment you've got. The process of creating projects on the iPad with Haiku Deck is not only easy, but enjoyable. You can use most of Haiku Deck's features for free but you also have the option of buying additional content and templates via in-app purchases.

Whether you're teaching your students about the solar system or the American Revolution, Haiku Deck has you covered.

Google Drive

Best iPad apps for teachers: Google Drive

Many schools are now giving students email addresses so they can communicate easier both in the classroom, and outside. One of the great things about Gmail accounts is that you've got instant access to Google Drive. With several gigs given to each account for free, it makes it easy to create spreadsheets, slides, and regular text documents that can be shared in just a click. And since you can see who is currently editing and viewing your Google Drive files, it's a great collaboration tool for classrooms. Doing a project that requires everyone to have a role? List them out in a spreadsheet, invite your students, and let them hop in and choose what duties they're going to take.

If your school system provides Google Apps or Gmail accounts to you and your students, Google Drive is a no brainer when it comes to free classroom collaboration.

What do you think are the best iPad apps for teachers?

Whether you're a teacher, parent, or student, are there any iPad apps you've found to be indispensable when it comes to the classroom? Do you use any of the above or do you think something else deserves a mention? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

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