Best iPad apps for TV watchers: Couch surfing at its best!

If you've got an iPad, you most likely enjoy consuming media on it. For most people, that includes their favorite television shows. With full HD support, not only is the iPad a convenient way to access your favorite content, it looks great too. So if you're looking for the best iPad apps to get your tv fix, we've got you covered. From never missing your favorite show to catching up on past seasons, these are the apps every tv watcher should have on their iPad!

TeeVee 3

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Best iPad apps for TV watchers: TeeVee 3

TeeVee 3 is a beautifully designed tv companion app that not only notifies you when one of your shows is going to start, but also gives you cast, series, and episode guides all in one place. Unlike a traditional guide, TeeVee 3 only shows you want you want to see which makes it completely personalized to you. Add your shows once and TeeVee 3 can sync them across all your devices and provide notifications just as you initially set them up. There's also a Today widget available that shows all your upcoming shows.

For a great tv guide app that personalized to you with notifications and widget support, you want TeeVee 3.


Best iPad apps for TV watchers: BuddyTV

BuddyTV isn't your run of the mill tv guide app. Not only can it show you local listings based on your provider, it also filters in information from Netflix, Hulu Plus, and many on demand channels. You can also link it to your supported Smart TV or Chromecast and use the remote functionality right inside of BuddyTV. The more information you give BuddyTV, the better it understands your tastes and can make recommendations based on what you already watch.

For an all in one remote and full featured guide for every service imaginable, check out BuddyTV.


Best iPad apps for TV watchers: Beamly

Beamly, formerly Zeebox, is a social checkin service that lets you tell your friends watch your watching, listening to, or playing — as in video games. You can also view your friends feeds and see what they're up to. More than that, Beamly is a community and provides a lot of feedback on tv shows and movies that you may find helpful. Want to start that new series on Netflix but not sure if it's really that great? Check out Beamly first to see what others think. Beamly also comes with a complete guide feature as well as news from many different media outlets.

If you want to check out what your friends and others are watching, Beamly is a must have.


Best iPad apps for TV watchers: Netflix

Netflix is one of the largest collections of tv shows and movies on the planet. And you can have unlimited access to it for a mere $8 a month. With tons of original series such as Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, and Hemlock Grove, not only do you get past seasons of shows from many networks, you get instant access to Netflix's own shows as well. Many may argue that Netflix's movie collection is lagging behind in some areas. However, television series is something that Netflix seems to be getting right.

If you want to check out some great original series and past seasons from many networks, Netflix is your one stop shop.

Hulu Plus

Best iPad apps for TV watchers: Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus also requires an $8 month subscription to access most content and the Hulu Plus app but just like Netflix, it has a great collection of tv shows and movies. The main different between Hulu Plus and Netflix is that Hulu Plus typically airs new series of shows instantly. That means if you missed last night's episode of your favorite show, you can log on to Hulu Plus the very next day and stream it on demand. A subscription also gives you access to past seasons of your favorite shows.

If you want access to currently airing tv shows from many different networks without a cable subscription, Hulu Plus is what you want.

Your vote for best tv companion apps for iPad?

If you watch tv regularly, whether on your iPad or on the tv, what apps have you loaded up on your iPad, or even iPhone, to help you keep up with your favorite shows? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

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