If you consider yourself a photographer, chances are you have struggled to find a laptop bag that suits your needs. Your camera body, all your lenses, and your extra accessories for your camera take up a lot of space, and not every laptop bag is up to handle the task.

Whether you're an amateur or professional photographer, here are my top picks for laptop bags that will fit all your important equipment.

Booq Shock Pro with Cam Shell

If you find yourself taking photos out in nature a lot and are constantly faced with different elements, the Booq Shock Pro can take anything mother nature can throw it.

The ballistic nylon exterior, rubberized laptop compartment zipper, and dry compartment, makes the Booq Shock Pro one of the most rugged bags on the market. It's big enough to fit a 15-inch MacBook Pro, and still have enough space for your iPad and other smaller items.

The bag itself costs about $225 and the add-on Cam Shell, which is removable from the bag's front pouch, is an extra $50.

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Peak Design Messenger

For about $250, the Peak Design Messenger lets you take your laptop and a few camera lenses with you everywhere you go.

Peak Design teamed up with famous photographer, Trey Ratcliff, to design this bag to provide photographers with the ability to shoot on the go with ease. With three "FlexFold" dividers inside the main pouch, you always have the space you need for smaller devices like your phone, external hard drives, and extra memory cards, but when you aren't using them, they fold almost completely flat to allow you to maximize the space.

You can get the Peak Design Messenger in ash, charcoal, or heritage tan in either the 15-inch or 13-inch size, so you can fit whatever size of MacBook you have.

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Peak Design Backpack

If you're not a fan of the messenger-style bag and prefer a backpack style, the Peak Design Backpack is a favorite among photographers.

With enough space to hold a camera body, about 3-4 lenses, a 15-inch MacBook, and a few smaller items, you'll never be without anything you need to shoot and edit your photos!

It latches with magnets making it incredibly easy to access your things when you are on the go, and comes with the same FlexFold dividers that Peak Design is known for, letting use the space available in the bag in the best way for you.

The Peak Design Backpack costs about $260 and comes in 13-inch or 15-inch sizes.

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Tenba Mini Messenger

If you have a relatively small camera kit and don't find yourself adventuring into harsh weather too often, the Tenba Mini Messenger is a great compact option for you.

Although smaller than the other bags mentioned on this list, the Tenba Mini Messenger still has enough space for 13-inch MacBook Pro, a camera body, and one or two lenses. Plus, it's quick access front pouch makes everything easy to grab when you need it.

The Tenba Mini Messenger may not have all the bells and whistles of more expensive photographer bags, but it's durable nylon exterior and multiple color options makes its $70 price quite attractive.

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Tylt Energi Pro

Those on the go often don't have time to sit still long enough to charge a device, which is why Tylt makes its Energi backpacks. The Pro (starting at about $150) features a portable, 21,100mAh battery pack that can charge three devices simultaneously, with smart cable management throughout the compartments.

Mr. Mobile (Michael Fisher) absolutely raved about how great the Tylt Energi Pro Power is and was pleasantly surprised at just how much the bag could hold:

As you can probably tell, the Tylt Energi Pro Power is not just meant as a laptop bag, but an everything bag. With 12 different compartments and pockets and thick gel padding on the straps and back, even when you're carrying your camera, all your lenses, and accessories, it shouldn't wear on your body too much.

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Which bag do you use?

Do you have a favorite bag to carry your MacBook and all your camera gear? Let us know in the comments down below!

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