Best Local Multiplayer Games for Apple TV

Apple TV Controller Hero
Apple TV Controller Hero (Image credit: iMore)

Playing games with friends is always better, and your Apple TV has plenty of multiplayer games that are a blast to play with friends and family. Here are my top picks for the best multiplayer games for your Apple TV.

Drawful 2

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Draw your best representation of a specific phrase and try to get your friends to figure out what it is. It's not entirely unlike Pictionary, but even harder because you only have one chance to draw your masterpiece.

Your friends can vote on which phrase they think matches your drawing and if they're right, you'll earn big points. If you come up with a funny phrase for your friends' drawings, you might get a few bonus points, too. It's a hilarious game for all ages.

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Just Dance Now

Grab your dancing shoes and get ready for a night in your living room, Just Dance Now will turn games night into a riot. Get your friends and family to download the iOS app, and then start dancing!

You'll need to mimic the dance moves of the characters on the screen with your phone in hand, the more accurate you are, the more points you get. Challenge your friends to an epic dance-off and see who can do Gangnam Style as well as PSY.

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SongPop Party

SongPop Party

SongPop Party

Are you as good as Shazam? Test your music knowledge against your friends with SongPop Party.

Using your iOS device as a controller, you and your friends will need to listen to small clips of popular tunes and guess the song or artist!

You can play SongPop Party with up to six players at once, perfect for hosting games night.

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SketchParty TV

Calling all Pictionary enthusiasts, SketchParty TV brings all the fun of the classic drawing game to the big screen.

Divide your groups into teams, and start drawing the clues as best as you can. You can use different colors of ink and even different brush sizes to give your team the best chance of guessing correctly.

$4.99 - Download now

Fibbage XL

Fibbage XL Gameplay Screen

Fibbage XL Gameplay Screen (Image credit: Jackbox Games)

A hilarious game that has some similarities with Balderdash, Fibbage XL is a personal favorite of mine.

By using your iOS devices, players will have to create lies that seem believable enough to be the truth that fit into the clue. Players pick which answer they think is the truth — which the game provides among all your friends lies. If a player guesses your lie, you get points!

In my group of friends, Fibbage XL usually turns pretty NSFW, but it's an amazingly fun time seeing what lies everyone comes up with.

$9.99 - Download now

Party Pong

Longing for those Friday night college parties you and your friends use to throw? Relive some of the magic with Party Pong.

While it may not be quite as fun as the real thing, Party Pong is still a great way to challenge your friends to a game that takes skill. Throw the ball into all the party cups before your opponent does the same to you to win the game. Who will be crowned the Party Pong king or queen of your friends?

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What are your favorites!

What do you play with your friends on Apple TV? Let me know in the comment below, or hit me up on Twitter.

Updated December 2018: Added Drawful 2.

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