Best magnetic car mounts for iPhone 2023

The best magnetic car mounts for iPhone are essential bits of kit if you need to look at your phone on the move. We all know it's dangerous to hold your phone while you're driving. Your hands aren't free to manoeuvre the wheel, your head is tilted down, and you're distracted. With a mount attached to your car's dashboard, you can more safely and swiftly use a music player or navigation system on your iPhone's screen.   

While some mounts can be tedious to use and install, the best magnetic mounts make life so much easier when you're getting in and out of the car. Whether you're the proud owner of a spanking new iPhone 14 Pro or a slightly older iPhone, our pick of the best magnetic car mounts for iPhone will work for you. 

If your phone phone supports wireless charging, you'll have to be careful where you place the metal disc, so it doesn't interfere with the coils. Find out where the charging coils are located and stick the metal away from them. Or better yet, put the metal between your phone and a case so you can take it out whenever you want to charge up wirelessly.

Our pick of the best magnetic car mounts for iPhone users

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How to pick the best magnetic car mounts for your iPhone

The best iPhone cases protect your phone while you're out and about, and the best magnetic car mounts for iPhone hold it in place while you're driving.

Our top pick for the best iPhone magnetic car mount is from WixGear. It's small in size, works with an iPhone case, and you can freely rotate your iPhone to get the perfect view of your screen, whether you're using it to play music or 

If you want to save some money and still pick up one of the best magnetic car mounts for the iPhone, choose the TechMatte MagGrip. It's low-profile, keeps a firm grip on your device, and the price is nice. When freeing up dash space is a priority, choose the APPS2CAR windshield car phone mount. It suctions to your window in seconds, swivels, and hangs on to your iPhone even on bumpy roads. 

We recommend getting a magnetic car mount, as they tend to be easier to use. But we also have a guide to the best car mounts for iPhone. If you don't need a car mount but still like the idea of magnetic charging, then take a look at our best MagSafe charging stands list, as well as our best wireless chargers for multiple devices.

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