Best MagSafe car charging mounts 2023

The best MagSafe car charging mounts are essential if you spend a lot of time driving and want your phone to be secure and within easy reach. 

MagSafe magnets were introduced in the iPhone 12 model and are in iPhone 13 and more recently iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro lineups. They opened up a whole world of new possibilities for charging and mounting your phone, whether you're at home or on-the-move.

But the one place MagSafe magnets make the biggest difference is in your car. You just put your iPhone in place on one of the best MagSafe car charging mounts and you don't have to worry about finding cables or getting distracted looking for your phone while you're driving. This is especially useful if you like to use your phone for streaming, directions or anything else. 

It's a great time to upgrade your tech as the Black Friday deals are already starting to roll in ahead of the big day of sales on November 25. Expect reductions on lots of different devices and accessories over the next few weeks and keep your eyes peeled as we expect some of the best MagSafe car charging mounts below to be discounted too. 

Buckle up for the best MagSafe car charging mounts

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Which of the best MagSafe car charging mounts should you buy?

First, it's important to note that you must have an iPhone 12 or newer in order to be able to use a MagSafe car charging mount. You must also use one of the best MagSafe-compatible cases (or go caseless) in order for the MagSafe magnets to work.

Our top pick is the ESR HaloLock Magnetic Wireless Car Charger. It's simple, compact, and comes with everything you need. The raised magnetic portion means that if you have a case with a raised lip around the camera, it will still work just fine. If you already have a car charger, you can even save a few bucks by getting the model without it.

While it's not cheap, we loved the Mous MagSafe Compatible Charging Vent Mount when we reviewed it. Some chargers can fall off with a heavy iPhone (hello Pro Max!) or rough terrain but this one has a carefully designed vent mount attachment that won't come loose even when jostled.

If you don't need the charging capability, just pick up one of the best MagSafe car mounts instead. If you want to buy more new accessories for your iPhone, check out our best iPhone 12 cases, best iPhone 13 Pro cases and best iPhone 14 cases guides.

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