Best Nightstand Charging Docks for iPhone in 2022

I'd venture to guess that looking at your phone is the last thing you do before going to bed at night, and leaving it flat on your nightstand while charging is the norm. But wouldn't it be rad if you could see your iPhone's screen so that you could easily snooze your morning alarm or check what you told Siri to remind you to do tomorrow — all without having to lift your head off your pillow?

Check out these awesome charging docks that are perfect for your nightstand!

Twelve South HiRise 2

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A perennial favorite on iMore, Twelve South makes wonderful products for docking and charging all of your Apple products, and the HiRise 2 is just great.

Its minimalist design means a small footprint on your nightstand and understated elegance, as your iPhone perches atop the dock. You can get the HiRise 2 in black or silver for $40. If you want a Lightning cable included, it's $60. This dock is sturdy enough to even allow for iPad charging.

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Lamicall S1 dock

Lamicall's charging dock is probably the most unassuming and the simplest one on this liste. It's basically an black aluminum cradle on which your iPhone rests, with a hole through the back for your Lightning cable.

It holds your iPhone at a roughly 45-degree angle, so you can see it and use it laying down. The cradle is cushioned with rubber so as not to damage your iPhone and Lamicall promises that this stand is stable enough for you to use your iPhone without having to hold it.

At $10, this is a steal of a deal.

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Rerii bamboo charge stand

If you'd like a charging dock that makes a bit more of a fashion statement, then you want Rerii's $24 bamboo stand, which features a charging dock for your iPhone, a support piece for your iPhone to lean, and it's even made of natural bamboo!

This stand comes with different inserts so that you can select the size that works best for your specific iPhone model, and the backrest adjusts to allow for thicker cases. The provided Lightning cable is 3.3 feet long, but you can swap it out for a longer one if you need to; just note that, depending on the thickness of the cable you use, it might not fit in the carved inlet.

If you're looking for a natural-looking charging stand to add to your room's decor, check out Rerii's offering on Amazon.

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OLEBR all-in-one charging station

Do you have ALL THE APPLE PRODUCTS? Well, if you have an iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods, then you'll want OLEBR's charging station, which features an iPhone dock, an Apple Watch dock, and a dock to hold your AirPods and AirPods case. Note that no Lightning cables are included with this one, so you'll need the ones that came with your products or some third-party options.

This dock is made of polished aluminum and comes in black, rose gold, space gray, and silver (and they're all quite handsome). Check it out for $40.

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ZVE 2-in-1 charging stand

ZVE's stand/dock features a cradle for your iPhone and a spot to hang your Apple Watch, with holes for Lightning cables, so you can charge up your devices. This one comes in rose gold, space gray, black, and silver for around $22 and will even hold onto your iPad, thanks to the extra surface area created by the Apple Watch holder (you won't be able to have your iPad and Apple Watch on there at the same time).

The non-slip rubber bottom helps to keep the ZVE stand in place when you're using it, and it's made from solid aluminium, so it's sturdy enough to use without having to hold onto your iPhone. If anything's the matter with your stand, ZVE provides an 18-month warranty and a 45-day money-back guarantee in case you don't like it.

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Encased DockMate2

Encased's DockMate2 charging stand is lovely and basic in its design, perfect for those who prefer a more minimalist design and smaller footprint on their nightstand. The stand itself is made from aluminum and hard polycarbonate plastic, weighing in at about 6 ounces — perfect for using your iPhone without actually having to hold onto it.

The powered DockMate2 is MFi certified and can provide up to 2.4A when charging. The adjustable stand is compatible with most cases, allowing you to adjust height, and you can even sync your iPhone with your computer right through the dock if you have your MacBook in bed and don't feel like getting up to find another cable.

You can snag this one for about $24 on Amazon.

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What's on your nightstand?

Or is that a bit personal? Do you have a wireless charging stand on your bedside table? Which one and why? Sound off in the comments below!


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