The best Pokémon Sword and Shield memes to make you laugh

Pokemon Sword and Shield
Pokemon Sword and Shield (Image credit: iMore)

From the moment Pokémon Sword and Shield were announced, the games had an interesting presence on the internet. Pokémon's divided fan base was quick to create some of the most hilarious memes and GIFs to mark Pokémon reveals, leaks, disappointments, and anticipation. Whether you love the games or hate them, here are some of the best Pokémon Sword and Shield memes that are sure to make you laugh. Many of these will be more enjoyable with sound on.

Those who tried to resist

With the reveal of Dexit, many people claimed they'd be boycotting Pokémon Sword and Shield. However, the lure of a core Pokémon game on console was too hard for many ro resist. Heck, I know several people who bought a Switch solely for Sword and Shield.

from pokemon

Final evolutions

Many people weren't/aren't happy about what the starters' final evolutions look like. This lead many people to come up with some hilarious comparisons and alternatives.

A sentiment most Pokémon fans can agree with

I got freaking excited when I first saw Yamper. I mean, who can resist that cute face and little Corgi body?

When the new Pokémon leaked

I know many people who claimed they didn't want to know anything about the new Pokémon games before they released. That all seemed to change when several of the new Pokémon designs leaked a week early.

Creepy Pokémon

Since Red and Blue, there have always been creepy Pokémon in the franchise. Hatterne is yet another one of these creatures that we'd never want to see in the real world.

Getting pumped up for a gym battle like

You've searched hard, trained hard, and made your way to the gym. Now you get to prove your stuff!

It's hard not to bust a move

The gym battle music is seriously awesome in Sword and Shield. You can't help but want to dance.

Pokémon with character

Pokémon Camp has provided a new way to interact with your favorite Pokémon. The fun thing is you never quite know how your specific Pokémon will react.

Bad Pokémon!

Yet another example of the strange and fun things you can find in the Pokémon Camp. Poor Togepi.

Breeding Pokémon

Within the games, you can breed Pokémon to get additional Pokémon. When this person asked for help, it didn't sound like they were referring to the games. People's responses are the best.

Getting a little heavy

This is funny in a macabre sort of way. Even Pokémon is weighing in on the decline of nature.

Demonic Pikachu

Nothing sounds more terrifying or more comical than a Gigantamax Pikachu. I'm not sure if it wants to eat my soul or if it needs to use the bathroom.

The true jungle king

The role of resident Nintendo monkey percussionist has already been taken. I can't believe someone took the time to make this. 🤣

Trading a Pokémon's soul

When you trade a Pokémon away it can be an emotional experience. Although, this particular trainer must really regret their decision.

A little too similar . . .

Those curly, light-colored locks and that sassy attitude kinda seem a little too similar. Once seen, you can't unsee it.

Running for dear life

Seeing Pokémon in the Wild Area can be a frightening experience, especially if that Pokémon is several levels higher than you. Your only option is to run for the hills!

Gotta see 'em all!

Due to the creativity of the internet we're sure there are hundreds of additional funny memes out there. If you see any that we should have added to our list tell us about it in the comments. At any rate, I hope these gave you a chuckle or two. If you're currently playing the games, good luck on your Pokémon quest!

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