Best replacements for missing apps on the iPad

The iPad is often accused of being "just" a big iPhone, and while it's true that the two devices share a number of similarities, there are also some key differences. Take, for instance, some of the Apple apps present on the iPhone but not the iPad.

While the phone features built-in apps for voice recording, weather, and more, the same cannot be said for its larger-screened sibling. To that end, here are the best apps that you can get to act as replacements for the missing Apple apps on the iPad.

Best weather app - WunderStation

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There are actually a lot of great and useful weather apps for the iPad, but WunderStation by Weather Underground wins out because of one major factor: flexibility. WunderStation connects you to Weather Underground's network of personal weather stations and provides readouts on everything from temperature to air pressure.

Every data point is arranged in squares on a grid, and you can rearrange each square. Want more information on a particular set of data, such as your forecast? Tap the square to expand it and view more detail. In that expanded view, you'll often be able to switch between different types of data views. Check forecasts for the current day or up to 10 days ahead of time, keep an eye on air pressure, and watch the rainfall totals.

Best stocks app - Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance provides the important stock information you need and helps you keep an eye on financial news throughout your day. As you might expect, you can add your favorite stocks to watch to the app, and watch their progress in real time from opening to closing bell. Check your stock's important stats, such as its market capitalization, 52-week low and high prices, and more. Tap the one or five days, three or six months, and one or five years buttons to see how your chosen stock has performed over time.

With Yahoo Finance's Explore tab, you can find important stock watch lists, with each list featuring stocks from the same industry, such as cyber security or pharmaceuticals. Tap the Market tab, and you can track how the markets in the U.S., Europe, and Asia are performing that day.

Best voice recorder - Just Press Record

Just Press Record is great for making a quick recording not only on your iPad but on your iPhone, Apple Watch, and Mac as well. The app is dead simple to use, and all you need to do to start recording is open the app and tap the big red record button. You can easily search for past recordings, and those recordings are synced between your devices using iCloud Drive.

When you're done recording, Just Press Record can transcribe your audio into text if you want it to. You can even set up the app so it will automatically transcribe recordings, and even specify if it should transcribe all recordings or just short ones. Transcripts sync over iCloud alongside your audio, so transcription only needs to take place once.

Best calculator app - PCalc

PCalc offers power and versatility for all manner of calculations and is built for use by students, scientists, programmers, and more. The app features multiple themes so you can customize your calculator just as you'd like. There's also a massive set of other features, including an RPN mode, paper tape, scientific and engineering notation, and support for hexadecimal octal, and binary calculations.

PCalc also makes it easy to convert units, from measurements to currency. In addition to multiple themes, you can also manually rearrange PCalc to suit your specific needs, with everything from the function buttons to the number pad able to be moved.

Your favorites

These are just our favorite missing app replacements, but we want to hear about yours. Sound off in the comments with your favorite voice recorders, calculators, and more.

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