Best Roomba Deals 2019: Amazon, Target, & More

Remember when robot vacuum cleaners first became a thing? I thought it was a novelty. A toy. The sort of thing you bought at those kitschy stores in the mall in between shopping for new socks. To be fair, those first few robot vacuums were not great. The market has exploded since then, and now these vacuum cleaners are some of the smartest devices you can have in your home. At the top of the market is the iRobot Roomba, one of the first and still one of the best. The name Roomba has almost become synonymous with vacuum cleaners like Kleenex or Ketchup have with their respective products. There are so many Roomba products now, too, for all types of homes and floor surfaces with features ranging from voice control to scheduling. This round up exists not to list every single example but rather to show you where the best ones are at the best prices right now.

The market is so large now, though, that the Roomba is not the only viable cleaner for your floors. We've also got a breakdown of a few great alternatives and the best prices to find on them. You'll notice despite having many of the same features, these tend to be a lot less expensive as well.

Roomba Deals

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John Levite

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