Best Roomba Vacuums iMore 2019

When you think about robot vacuums, you likely think Roomba. These handy smart vacuums are Wi-Fi enabled and help you clean the floors of your house without lifting a finger. When it comes to deciding which model of Roomba you might want, it's important to remember if you have carpet or hardwood flooring and if you want something that will clean a room at a time, or clean an entire floor at once! Here are the best Roomba vacuums.

Best for most people: Roomba e5

With power-lifting suction, rubber brushes ideal for picking up pet hair, and a 90-minute runtime, the Roomba e5 will help you clean your home with ease. It's Wi-Fi-connected (like all Roomba models) and can even work with Alexa and Google Assistant. Plus, the e5 also gives you the ability to put up an "invisible" wall to keep your Roomba out of unwanted areas, or away from certain items.

$389 at Amazon

Great for carpets: Roomba 985

Whether you have carpeted floors or a lot of area carpets, the Roomba 985 has power-lifting suction and a carpet boost when it detects it's cleaning a carpet, allowing you to get your carpets as clean as possible. The smart-mapping feature also lets you command your Roomba 985 to clean an entire floor of your house. Afterward, it will return to its base to charge as needed; just set it and forget it.

$660 at Amazon

Premium option: Roomba i7+ with Clean Base

The newest and most expensive Roomba i7+ comes with a base that cleans out the vacuum for you. Whether you've set the Roomba i7+ to clean just one room or an entire floor, it will come back to the base to charge and empty itself into the base as necessary. Plus, with extra suction power for carpets, the ability to set up "invisible" walls, and edges brushes, the i7+ will ensure you don't have to think about vacuuming for weeks at a time!

$950 at iRobot

Most afforadable Roomba: Roomba 675

While it is the cheapest model, the Roomba 675 still gets the job done — cleaning carpets or hardwood floors for up to 90 minutes between charges. It still has the same edge sweeping brush and ability to go under and around furniture as the more expensive models. It does lack some of the more advanced features, such as an invisible barrier detection, and it's not the most ideal for pet hair.

$280 at Amazon

Do the Roomba Rumba

The Roomba e5 has all the features you need in a robot vacuum and — compared to other top-of-the-line models — is a fair price. Of course, if you don't need to use the Roomba often or only have a minimal space to clean, the cheaper 675 model is great. Any Roomba you get is going to ensure you spend less time vacuuming and more time enjoying a clean floor.

Carpets can be tough for a Roomba, but the Roomba 985 automatically kicks into carpet boost when it detects its cleaning carpet. It is really nice if your house has carpets or area rugs that you want to ensure are clean.

If this is you're first Roomba, or you don't have a lot carpet to deal with, the Roomba 675, is the entry-level Roomba vacuum. It doesn't have as big of a battery and its a little less powerful than the other models, so it's better for smaller spaces that aren't too dirty.

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