Best Siri Shortcut-Supported Smart Home Gadgets iMore 2021

Did you know that there are a ton of smart accessories available that work with Siri without supporting HomeKit? Yep, it's a thing, and you can control everything from vacuums to coffee makers using Apple's virtual assistant. All it takes is the right accessory, a few taps within an app, and you're ready for that sweet voice control life. Here are some of our current faves.

Neato Robotics D7

Hey Siri, vacuum the kitchen: Neato Botvac D7 Connected

Staff Favorite

The Neato Botvac D7 Connected offers powerful suction, mapping, scheduling, and of course, voice control through Siri Shortcuts. Now you can finally shout to your iPhone or HomePod to get the cleaning started, pause the current job, or send your robot back to its dock.

Smarter Coffee Maker in Black

Hey Siri, make the coffee: Smarter Coffee

The dream of having a Siri brew up a batch of coffee is finally here with the Smarter Coffee maker. In addition to voice and on/off controls, this coffee maker can switch between grind and filter modes and has customizable strength settings.

Dyson Pure Cool Desk

Hey Siri, clean the air: Dyson Pure Cool Desk Fan

The Dyson Pure Cool line combines unique bladeless fan technology with air purification into one sleek-looking package. This combo works with Siri for convenient controls like turning the fan on and off, which makes it a great desk-side companion. Other models include options like heating and larger coverage areas.


Hey Siri, push the button: SwitchBot

This clever little gadget can make anything with a push button instantly smart. Simply stick the SwitchBot on to things like a garage door opener button, electric fireplace control, coffee maker, or a light switch and ask Siri to do the work for you. Just make sure you pick up the SwitchBot Hub Mini to get it connected to your home network.

Roomme Personal Sensor

Hey Siri, who's at home?: RoomMe Personal Location Sensor

The RoomMe Personal Location Sensor works with your family's phones to determine who is entering and leaving certain areas. This allows for personal automations, such as turning on a favorite playlist or setting the lights, to spring to life automatically.

Luke Roberts Model F Gray Pendant Light

Hey Siri, turn on the lights: Luke Roberts Model F Pendant Light

For those that want to space gray all the things, the Luke Roberts Model F Pendant Light fits the bill. Not only does this light look all sorts of beautiful, but it can also display up to 16 million different shades of colors and whites. This pendant also is crazy bright, ramping all the way up to 4,000 lumens!

$499 at Amazon
Smarter FridgeCam

Hey Siri, what's in the fridge?: Smarter FridgeCam

The Smarter FridgeCam is a tiny, rechargeable connected camera that you toss in the fridge to give you an instant look at your current food supply. This enables you to summon a live feed using just your voice through Siri, which is great for those times where you are at the grocery store and are questioning whether or not you need more eggs.

Ambi Climate 2nd Gen

Hey Siri, it's hot in here: Ambi Climate 2

If you own a window or portable air conditioner and envy those fancy smart thermostats that only work with whole-home HVAC systems, then the Ambi Climate 2 is just the thing you need. The Ambi Climate 2 connects to your home network, and acts as a relay that sends IR signals to your current AC unit, giving it the Siri boost that you always wanted.

$129 at Amazon
Malouf M555 Adjustable Base

Hey Siri, goodnight: Malouf M555 Adjustable Bed Base

Malouf's M555 Adjustable Base brings smart connectivity to the bedroom through Siri and app controls. Additional features such as under-bed lighting, dual USB ports on each side, and massage zones take the night time routine to another level.

$1,826 at Amazon
Wiz Quest Light White

Hey Siri, set the mood: WiZ Quest Smart Light

The Quest Smart Light is a compact tabletop companion that's capable of setting the mood at a price that won't break the bank. This light "projects" tons of colors and up to 64,000 different shades of white on to a nearby surface, and it also works as task lighting by reaching up to 700 lumens of brightness.

White Tile Mate

Hey Siri, where's my keys?: Tile Mate

Even though Apple's version of an item tracker is looming, the Tile Mate is a Siri-connected accessory that you can actually buy today. The Tile Mate can track almost anything with its compact size and nifty integrated key ring, and with Siri, you can ask your HomePod, iPhone, or iPad to help find your keys in a pinch.

Bond Smart Fan Controller

Hey Siri, turn on the fan: Bond Bridge

If things start to get a little stuffy, ceiling fans are a great way to circulate the air, so why not have Siri do it for you? The Bond Bridge works with any fan that has a remote. Just set it within range, and watch your fan come to life with just your voice. While it's mainly designed for ceiling fans, this smart controller can work with other devices like fireplaces or table fans through IR and RF capabilities.

Hey Siri, do the thing

Siri Shortcuts has opened the doors to a whole new world of smart home gadgets that simply fall outside of the world of Apple's HomeKit. In addition to new and unique categories, supporting just Siri Shortcuts also keep you from being locked into one ecosystem, ensuring that you will always be in control, even if you decide to switch things up.

We love the Neato Robotics D7 Smart Vacuum Cleaner, which can intelligently map your home, giving you the ability to tell Siri to clean a specific room on demand. This robot vacuum also has some of the most powerful suction around and a unique design that allows it to get into corners.

Have a unique situation where you just want a gadget to push a physical button on a "dumb" appliance? Then check out the SwitchBot. This tiny little box sticks to whatever you desire, and with a simple tap or shout, it sends out a little "finger" that presses that button. Just keep in mind though, that you do need a separate hub, the SwitchBot Hub Mini, to make this magic happen.

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