Best sleeves for M2 MacBook Air in 2024

The Macbook Air is a thing of beauty. Weighing in at just 2.7 pounds, you'll want to take this delightful laptop with you everywhere, so you’ll need one of the best M2 Macbook Air sleeves to keep it looking its best and protect it from life's bumps, scrapes, and spills.

You’ll quickly find there’s more choice than you might expect. Do you opt for something thick and protective, or something slim and light in keeping with the Macbook’s profile? Need something with an in-built stand? Hard or soft? Do you need one of the best cases for MacBook Air with M2 or will a sleeve suffice?

The MacBook Air should fit into any 13-inch laptop sleeve, even ones made for other laptops, so we’ve scoured the net to find the best laptop cases and sleeves for your needs. 

Here are the best sleeves for Macbook Air with M2

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Which of the best sleeves for MacBook Air with M2 should you buy?

Our first impressions of the MacBook Air with M2 were quite positive, as this model marks a whole new look for Apple's lightest laptop lineup. It's certainly one of the best Macs you can buy now. Obviously, you'll want to keep it protected when you're taking it on the go.

If you just want something basic and inexpensive but still nicely padded and attractive, go for the MOSISO Laptop Sleeve for MacBook. It comes in so many colors and has a handy zippered pocket for small, flat accessories like chargers. 

The outer layer is polyester for resisting outside elements, the middle layer is spongy to cushion against drops and bumps, and the inner layer is a fluffy faux-fur to cradle your MacBook Air in softness. We like that it's slim and lightweight, so it won't bulk up that featherweight laptop too much.

A more luxurious option we love is the beautiful WaterField Designs VERO Sleeve for MacBook Air. It's crafted from high-quality full-grain leather in San Francisco. Like all leather products, this sleeve will develop a rich patina over time. 

The interior is lined with soft, plush microfiber to keep your MacBook Air safe from scratches. The key is to choose something slim and lightweight that's easy to tuck under your arm or into a backpack. This will greatly increase the safe portability of your laptop. 

 What material makes the best laptop sleeve?

The material for the best sleeves for Macbook Air really depends on your priorities. If you don't care what it looks like, but you want something that's going to be really durable to protect your Macbook, you want a hard plastic or EVA case like the Finpac entry above. This will withstand the occasional bump and ensure your laptop gets to its destination safely, although it's not the most stylish option. 

Some of the materials are waterproof, such as the Inateck case with matching charger bag. If style over substance is what you're after, a smart leather choice such as the Vero or Woolnut cases can really make you look the business. 

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