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Best Smart Surge Protectors iMore 2020

Smart power strips give you the ability to control your devices that are plugged into it with an app. They even have compatibility with Alexa or Google Assistant, allowing you to use voice controls as well. Here at iMore, we know all about the little upgrades you can add to your home, and smart power strips are perfect for giving you more control over your plugged-in devices.

Best Overall: T TECKIN Smart Power Strip

T Teckin Power Strip

This handy power strip is compatible with the Amazon Echo and Google Home. It comes with a free app that you can use to control each individual outlet and whether or not they'll receive power. You can even set schedules to control when your outlet will give power to the devices plugged in. With four AC outlets and four USB outlets, you'll never have to worry about losing your charging cube again.


  • Voice control
  • Remote control from anywhere via app
  • No hub required
  • Four outlets and four USB ports
  • Timer


  • Some users report connectivity issues and lack of durability

Best Overall

T TECKIN Smart Power Strip

Best for most

Control up to eight devices via digital assistant, timer, or remotely with a dedicated app.

Simplest: Amazon Smart Plug

Amazon Smart Plug

Amazon's own smart outlet is compatible with Alexa and ready to add voice controls to your power outlets. Since this is a single AC plug, it's perfect for outlets on your kitchen counters that you use for coffee pots or toasters. This way, you can control the power going to those devices from a helpful app, no matter where you are.


  • Simple single outlet
  • Easy to control with Alexa
  • No hub needed


  • Doesn't work with other digital assistants


Amazon Smart Plug

So easy

Amazon's own smart plug couldn't be easier to set up and control using Alexa.

Best Value: CRST Smart Strip

CRST Smart Power Strip

The CRST outlet offers you four AC outlets and two USB outlets. On the app, you can label all of your devices that are plugged into the outlet and control whether or not they receive power. With mounting strips, along with Alexa, IFTTT, or Google Assistant voice control compatibilities, plus an app to control it remotely, this outlet is here to upgrade your home.


  • Control remotely via an app
  • Control via digital assistants Alexa, IFTTT, or Google Assistant
  • No hub needed
  • Four outlets and two USB ports


  • Some users report difficulty connecting and durability issues

Best Value

CRST Smart Strip

Smart price

With four outlets and two USB ports, you can control up to six devices via the app or your digital assistant.

Best Multi-Pack: T TECKIN Smart Plug

T Teckin smart plug

What if you don't want all of your devices plugged into one spot? If you don't need all the outlets a full power strip can offer, these mini outlets might be just the thing you need. Place them around your home as needed. You can still take advantage of smart capabilities like voice control with Alexa or Google Assistant and remote controls through the Smart Life app.


  • Distribute smart plugs around the house
  • Control via an app or digital assistants
  • No hub required


  • Some users report difficulty connecting and durability issues

Best Multi-Pack

T TECKIN Smart Plug


If you need your smart plugs all over the house and not just in a single strip, this four-pack is your answer.

Most Efficient: DILISENS Smart Plug

Dilisens smart plug

When a power strip is too much, and a single plug is too little, this two-pack of dual outlets is what you need. The mini outlets are perfect for kitchen counters or outlets just above your computer desk. While it works with Alexa or Google Home, it will even monitor the energy you use through the Smart Life app. If you see that you're using more energy than you would like, you can always shut off the power to the strip from the app no matter where you are.


  • Two plugs with two outlets each
  • Works with an app or digital assistants
  • Control together or separately


  • Some users report connectivity and durability issues

Most Efficient


Just right

If you need just two smart outlets in two different rooms, this is the perfect setup for you.

Bottom line

When it comes to a full power strip, you can't go wrong with the T TECKIN. With the four AC and four USB ports, there's plenty of room to plug in everything you need in your home office, including your portable devices. Set a timer if you want; you can create a schedule, so it always looks like someone is home. This can also save electricity as you can have devices run only when you need them.

The ability to turn off your plugged-in devices through the app, Alexa, or Google Assistant will serve as one of the best little helpers ever. Whether you're halfway to work when you realized you didn't turn off your coffee pot or forgot to unplug your fully charged tablet, this power strip has your back.

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