Best Soundbars with Dolby Atmos iMore 2019

Got an Apple TV 4K that supports Dolby Atmos? Good news, you'll be able to enjoy movies and TV shows that employ Atmos at home. If you live in a small place or simply have no need for a full-on surround system, then a soundbar is the perfect way to enhance your TV's sound. Plus, all of these rad soundbars have Dolby Atmos support!

11 speakers in one soundbar: Samsung HW-K850

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The Samsung HW-K850 from Samsung features a soundbar and wireless sub, but still has enough speakers to make it a 3.1.2 sound system. The soundbar itself has two upward-firing speakers on it. It can take advantage of the Dolby Atmos sound, so you're close to getting a full surround sound experience at this point, with just a soundbar and sub.

$400 at Amazon

Smaller but impressive: Sony X9000F

This is only a 2.1-channel soundbar, but it creates the illusion of a 7.1.2-channel system with just two speakers and a wireless subwoofer, thanks to upscaling. There's also 4K passthrough and HDR support. While this soundbar doesn't have all the bells and whistles of those twice its price, it does sound superb and cost a lot less.

$499 at Amazon

Great for streaming audio: LG SL10YG

The LG SL10YG soundbar has a gorgeous, minimalist design, complete with upward-firing speakers, as well as three front-facing speakers and a wireless sub. If you're an Android user at all, you'll love the built-in Chromecast, and if you're an Apple TV diehard, you'll appreciate the 4K passthrough. Total power in this system is 570W, so you'll truly fill whatever room you're in with sound. If you have a compatible LG TV, you can even use LG Sound Sync, which links your soundbar wirelessly to your TV via Bluetooth.

$760 at Amazon

Upgrade pick: Sony ST5000

Obviously, at this price, the Sony's ST5000 soundbar is a 7.1.2-channel system that isn't meant for just anybody. It features Dolby Atmos support, and it has a down-firing wireless sub, as well as two upward-firing speakers on top. So it shoots sounds straight at you and then up at your ceiling to create the illusion of surround sound. If you have the money, this is one of the best at home Dolby Atmos soundbars you can get.

$1,499 at Amazon

If money is no object: Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar

If you're flush with cash and absolutely want the best Dolby Atmos soundbar, then the Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar is the way to go. Measuring in around 4.2-feet in length, this soundbar is long and wide, giving Sennheiser the ability to put in much large drivers that can really pump out the sound. It has 4K passthrough and also Chromecast and Bluetooth built-in, meaning its easy to stream content from your favorite device!

$2,500 at Sennheiser

Why Dolby Atmos?

Dolby Atmos allows for up to 128 separate audio tracks, as well as associated spatial audio description metadata. In simple terms, that means theaters receive information on the perfect way to optimize their sound systems for a particular movie. The cool part is that every audio track can be assigned to an audio channel and then rendered in real time. So you get true surround sound to the best of a particular theater's capabilities. Now soundbars have the technology built-in, and through a specific rendering of the multitude of audio tracks present, you can get "room-filling" and near-surround sound from just a soundbar and subwoofer.

The Samsung HW-K850 is the best options for most people. It's wall-mountable; you don't have to put it on a TV stand if you don't want to. Plus, at $400, it's virtually the cheapest option if you want Dolby Atmos.

If you have a little more cash, the LG SL10YG is a gorgeous Dolby Atmos soundbar that won't let you down. The built-in Chromecast is a dream for people who love streaming audio, and the upward-firing speakers are great and filling any room full of sound!

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