Best Sports Games for Apple TV

Apple TV Controller Hero
Apple TV Controller Hero (Image credit: iMore)

Sports games are extremely entertaining and have been huge sellers in the video game world for decades. Did you know your Apple TV App Store has a pretty great selection of sports titles?

Whether you're looking for deep simulations or wacky and unique sports games, Apple TV has got you covered!

Snowboard Party 2

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Snowboard Party 2 is a surprisingly exciting snowboarding game that has a lot of depth. With five game modes, 50 unique tricks to perform, and 16 playable characters, there are a lot of reasons to keep playing.

Despite being a slightly older game, Snowboard Party 2's graphics are still pretty impressive and will look great on the big screen!

Snowboard Party 2 is the closest thing to those classic SSX snowboard games you used to play on your favorite console.

Hit Tennis 3

If you've ever played the Tennis game included in Wii Sports, you'll love Hit Tennis 3!

Wield your Siri Remote as a tennis racket and swing your way to the top as you work your way through 24 tournaments on 8 different courts!

Collect experience and coins as you level up so you can buy cool-looking gear and really look the part of a professional tennis player!

League Star Bowling

Yet another great sports game for the Apple TV that offers a similar experience to Wii Sports, League Star Bowling will have you sitting atop the throne as king of the lanes in no time!

Use the Siri Remote to throw, spin, and curve your ball down that long stretch of pine and net yourself a strike! Can you bowl a perfect game?


If you're a fan of billiards, you'll absolutely love Cueist because it's the closest you'll get to playing the real thing.

With plenty of different tables, game types, and AI difficulties, this in-depth pool game will be enjoyable for players of all skill levels! You can even play local multiplayer by sharing the Siri Remote.

Flick Quaterback TV

Ever dream of being the quarterback of a football team? Flick Quaterback TV can make that dream come true!

By swiping and flicking on the Siri Remote, you'll need to complete passes, dodge defending players, and score touchdowns to win this football simulation game.

With plenty of fun little add-ons you can unlock — like cheerleaders and fireworks — you'll feel like you're in the big leagues in no time!

$2.99 - Download Now

Spin Sports

This wacky take on hockey will have you feeling dizzy as you spin uncontrollably in Spin Sports!

It can accommodate up to six players for local multiplayer with the help of some MFi-certified Controllers, and you only need one button to play!

You can unlock over 30 wacky characters and have endless fun in this simple yet awesome hockey game.

Beat Sports

What do you get when the makers of Rock Band make a sports game? You get the super fun and colorful Beat Sports!

Play with the whole family in one of four mini-games that not only challenges your sports skills but your musical talents as well. Swing, volley, score, and much more, all to the beat of the music.

The 3D graphics are fun, funky, and fantastic in this truly unique family-friendly game!

What are you favorites?

There are so many great games to choose from; I want to know what you think! Let me know in the comments below!

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