Ch-ch-charge it up! Here are the best stands and docks for your iPhone SE

Your iPhone SE is an awesome little powerhouse of a device, but the charging cable – or any charging cable, really – can be a pain in the butt. The cord can fray, the cable can easily go missing, and sometimes it takes forever to fully charge your iPhone's battery.

Luckily for you, there are dozens of docks and stands out there that make charging your iPhone SE simple and efficient. You can even customize the look of your dock to suit your sense of style, but with so many options out there, which are the best of the best?

Here are the best stands and docks out there for your iPhone SE!

Twelve South HiRise 2

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If you're looking for a sleek, minimalist, and convenient, charging dock, then we encourage you to take a peek at Twelve South's HiRise 2!

You won't have to worry about the HiRise 2 blocking and muffling the speakers like most iPhone docks: its simple, narrow design allows sound to travel freely, making music come out as crisp as can be.

Perch your iPhone atop the stand to raise your screen to a more comfortable height for FaceTime or Skype calls.

While we're specifically looking at docks and stands for the iPhone SE, it's worth noting that the HiRise 2 can also charge your Magic Mouse 2, Magic Keyboard, iPad, AirPods, Apple TV remote, and so much more!

You can pick up Twelve South's HiRise 2 for around $40 in black or silver, but here's hoping they come out with a rose gold and gold option soon to perfectly match your iPhone SE.

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Sinjimoru Aluminum iPhone dock

Futuristic and funky (and quite frankly fabulous), the highly rated Sinjimoru Aluminum iPhone dock looks and works as a perfect partner for keeping your iPhone SE charged and ready to go!

My phone is secure in the stand with barely any movement and most importantly without any worry. Very good product! (Amazon user Jacob)

Built with a solid aluminum base and a soft silicone padding to protect against any scratches or damage, and already equipped with its own Lightning cable for convenient charging, the Sinjimoru Aluminum iPhone dock is designed to securely charge your iPhone while still looking like a piece of modern Apple tech.

You can pick up the Sinjimoru for around $22 in silver or black, but we must say that the silver looks a lot more Apple-y (if that's the look you're going for, of course!).

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Grovemade Maple iPhone Dock

If you're looking for an incredibly stylish iPhone SE charging dock or stand, and if you don't mind spending a li'l bit more money, then feast your eyes on the Maple iPhone Dock from Grovemade and admire how gosh-darn beautiful it is.

Designed with a solid anodized aluminum base and then topped with a durable, beautiful cap of vegetable-oiled, hand-sanded maple wood, this iPhone SE stand is designed to quickly and stylishly charge your iPhone back to life.

Perfect for the office or your bedside table, this little stand won't topple over or overcrowd your space with extra wires and cables. All you have to do is plug your iPhone SE into the $79 dock – which you can pick out in either maple, walnut, or a limited edition brass and walnut for $149 – and it's good to start chargin'!

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Satechi Aluminum Desktop Charging Stand

Highly rated, well-designed, simple, and practical, the Satechi Aluminum Desktop Charging Stand is a terrific accessory to charge your iPhone SE with.

I have used so many different types of phone stands, from purchased to creating my own with a 3D printer... this is by far the easiest and the best… I just purchased a second one for my office at work! (Amazon user ashforbes)

Designed and built with sturdy aluminum and a secure, wide base so your iPhone SE doesn't accidentally topple over while charging, the Satechi charging stand looks like it fits in flawlessly with your Apple tech, while a secure, metal grip prevents your Lightning cable from shifting out of place.

While some charging docks may set you back a few dollars, the Satechi Aluminum Desktop Charging Stand will cost you around $25 and comes in either a rose gold or silver (but not a gold or space gray).

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iPhone Lightning Dock

If you're looking for a true-to-brand iPhone SE charging dock, then why not start at the source with Apple's iPhone Lightning Dock?

Simply attach your iPhone SE to the small (yet powerful!) dock and let your iPhone's battery charge on up. You can actually charge any Apple product that has a Lightning port, as long as it's not too terribly big or bulky!

Touch ID works effortlessly with this stellar iPhone SE accessory, while the dock itself features an audio port for headphones that includes a remote control. You can even use this stand for important speakerphone calls.

You can pick up this Lightning dock in jet black, silver, gold, space gray, white, and rose gold.

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Lamicall Cell Phone Stand

Highly reviewed, modern-looking, reliable, and minimal, the Lamicall Cell Phone Stand is a great option to consider while searching for a stand for your iPhone SE.

This is such a versatile stand… Love how I can see the screen clearly and if it needs charging no need to move it there's a place for it. And keeps the cable out of the way. And it fits either vertical or horizontal. (sic) (Amazon user R.E.F.)

Built with a brushed aluminum body and a bent L sort of shape, the Lamicall Cell Phone Stand is designed to charge your iPhone SE while keeping your Lightning cable out of the way. Rubber stoppers on the bottom prevent the stand from shifting and sliding, while soft protective cushions along the inside of the stand keep your iPhone SE from getting scratched.

The Lamicall Cell Phone Stand is available for only around $11. You can pick out the stand in red, black, or white.

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What are your favorite charging docks and stands to use with the iPhone SE?

Do you have a favorite that didn't make it on the list? Let us know in the comments below and we'll be sure to check it out!

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