Best Stock Market apps for iPad: Bloomberg, StockTouch, Stock Guru, and more!

The best Stock Market apps for iPad that give you the information you need, right when you need it!

Even though the iPhone's built-in Stocks app is nowhere to be found on the iPad, it's still is an amazing tool for managing your finances either at home, at work, or on the go. From checking on your investments, to monitoring trends, to knowing when to buy and when to get out, when to short and when to stay long, there are ton of apps that help you do just exactly that. Which stock apps is best for you? Here are our favorites!


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Bloomberg combines the stock market with financial analysis and news. It isn't an app strictly dedicated to stocks and portfolios, but it does provide enough information for the casual trader. You won't just find common exchanges like the DOW and NASDAQ inside Bloomberg, you'll find all kinds of world markets. Whatever you're looking for, odds are Bloomberg not only has financial trend information, it's got live stock tickers and news about it. The tradeoff you pay is that Bloomberg doesn't do any one thing exceptionally well, but does everything good enough for light users.

If you want an all in one place for news, financial analysis, and stocks, Bloomberg can offer you that. Just keep in mind it isn't meant for the pros.

Stock Guru

stock guru for iPad

Stock Guru is one of the best stock apps for daily traders, hands down. But if you fall into that category, you probably don't need me to tell you that. It provides information other stock apps just don't such as rick scores for several exchanges, volatility comparisons, valuation rankings, and so much more. It's one of the most feature complete stock apps you'll come across that really is worth the money.

For hardcore stock trackers and portfolio managers, it doesn't get much better than Stock Guru.


stocktouch for iPad

StockTouch is a new and interesting take on the stock market due to its interface and how you actually interact with it. This is also what makes it one of my personal favorites. The main screen in StockTouch sorts stocks by type. You can change stock views by top 9 US sectors, top 9 global sectors, and ETFs (exchange-traded funds) in the side menu. Tap into any one of them to view the actual stocks. StockTouch arranges stocks in a way where the top 100 companies in a sector are presented starting with the top 4 in the center. They then spiral outward from that point. Tap any one to view more information, pinch it to close it out. If you don't like the way StockTouch sorts data, you can change it in the side panel too using the sort settings.

If you're looking for a stock app that's easy to use but provides an extremely good amount of data, StockTouch will exceed your expectations.

Stock Market Pro

stock market pro for iPad

Stock Market Pro not only lets you track an unlimited amount of stocks, it's probably one of the closest to an actual replacement for the native stock app. There are no frills, it looks as if it belongs in iOS 7, and there aren't a lot of extras. Hardcore users won't have any interest in it but casual and intermediate users will. You can use Stock Market Pro simply as a reference or as a resource to track unlimited portfolios and the stocks inside them. Volume, price/earnings ratio and market cap, and all the other features you'd expect are there but sorting and viewing is more advanced than the native Stocks app for iPhone.

If you're after something close to the native Stocks app on iPhone, Stock Market Pro is it. It's just got a couple added options and features, which we're sure no one will complain about.

Yahoo! Finance

yahoo finance for iPad

The thing that draws me to Yahoo! Finance time and time again is its great interface. It's easy to use and doesn't provide more news than it does stock information. Stocks that you follow will always show in the right hand navigation for easy access. Tapping into any one of them shows beautiful graphs and charts that you can interact with. I'm also a fan of how any changes that happen while you're in Yahoo! Finance will show up in red. Scroll down on any stock page and you can browse news that has to do with that particular company. News stays out of the way, until you want to see it, and I like this in a stock app.

If you're only interested in following a few stocks and reading news about them, Yahoo! Finance gives the best experience in doing so.

Your picks?

These are our favorite apps for checking and managing stocks on the iPad but as usual, we know you guys are super capable of finding awesome apps too. If you're using something different that you think is great too, let us know in the comments!

Allyson Kazmucha

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