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Best Travel Steamers iMore 2020

Whether you travel for work or pleasure, you want to look good when you get to your destination. Wrinkled clothes certainly don't give the best impression. A portable travel steamer is a quick and easy way to smooth out the wrinkles in your clothing with a pass of a wand. A great example of this is the OGHom Steamer. Here are some of the best travel steamers you can buy.

Best Overall: OGHom Steamer

OGHOM Travel SteamerSource: Amazon

The large capacity OGHom steamer holds up to 240 milliliters of water, or 8.12 ounces, which allows it to run for 15 minutes before needing a refill. Its wide mouth makes it easy to add the water. Heat up time is about one or two minutes. A 9.2-foot long cable gives you plenty of room to work. It weighs 1.65 pounds empty.

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  • Large 8.12-ounce capacity
  • Reasonable price point
  • Wide mouth for easy filling


  • Larger than some

Best Overall

OGHom Steamer

Best for most

The large capacity travel steamer has a wide mouth for easy fill-ups.

Best Value: PERFECTDAY Travel Steamer

PERFECTDAY Travel SteamerSource: Amazon

Get about 10 minutes of steady steam from this 100-milliliter (3.38-ounce) capacity travel steamer. It has eight steam nozzles and a unique two-layer lid mechanism to prevent leakage. Automatic shut-off occurs if the steamer gets too hot or the water level gets low. The PERFECTDAY travel steamer weighs just one pound, so it's easy to travel with.


  • Great price
  • Weighs just one pound
  • Leak-proof design
  • Auto shut-off


  • Smaller capacity

Best Value

PERFECTDAY Travel Steamer


This is one of the smallest, lowest-priced travel steamers you can buy.

Best Looking: Lemontec Travel Steamer

Lemontec Travel SteamerSource: Amazon

You spend time choosing travel accessories with just the right look, shouldn't your travel steamer be included? This 180-milliliter (6.09-ounce) BPA-free steamer heats up in 70 seconds and gives you nine minutes of steam before needing a refill. It will shut off automatically if it gets too hot or the water runs out. Weighing in at just 1.25 pounds, this cool black, svelte travel steamer won't weigh you down. Lemontec offers a five-year warranty.


  • Looks good
  • Quick heat-up
  • Lightweight


  • Neither the largest capacity nor the lightest weight

Best Looking

Lemontec Travel Steamer


This lightweight, svelte travel steamer is appealing on all fronts.

Sleekest: Magictec Travel Steamer

Magictec Travel SteamerSource: Amazon

This compact little BPA-free number holds 180 milliliters (6.08 ounces) of water and weighs just 1.17 pounds. It heats up in 70 seconds and provides nine minutes of continuous steam before needing a refill. The nozzle is specially designed for even steaming. When it gets too hot or runs out of water, the steamer automatically turns off.


  • Lightweight
  • Quick heat-up
  • Auto shut-off
  • Even steaming


  • Not the largest capacity nor the lightest weight.


Magictec Travel Steamer


You can't go wrong with the simple lines and even steaming nozzle of this lightweight steamer.

Best Steamer/Iron: ABOX Travel Steamer Iron

ABOX Travel Steamer IronSource: Amazon

Not sure if you need a steamer or an iron? Why not both? With the ABOX Travel Steamer Iron, you can steam your clothes while they hang, or iron them (dry or with steam) on a flat surface. Heat-up time is just 40 seconds, and the water tank holds 100 milliliters (3.38 ounces) for seven minutes of steam time. A ceramic soleplate prevents damage to your clothes even if you stay in one spot for too long. The retractable cord is eight feet long, and the steamer iron weighs just 1.4 pounds, so it's perfect for travel.


  • Steamer and iron in one
  • Fast heat-up time
  • Lightweight


  • Pricier than most plain steamers

Best Steamer/Iron

ABOX Travel Steamer Iron

Two products in one

If you can't decide between an iron and a steamer, this is the perfect product for you.

Most Comprehensive: BEAUTURAL 1200-Watt Steamer

BEAUTURAL 1200-Watt SteamerSource: Amazon

The large capacity tank on this steamer holds 260 milliliters (8.79 ounces) of water, enough for 15 continuous minutes of steaming. Heat-up time is a mere 30 seconds. The leakproof design allows you to steam your garments while they hang, or while they lay flat. If that's not enough, this steamer comes with three removable attachments: fabric brush, creaser, and lint brush.


  • Large 8.79-ounce tank
  • Fast 30 pre-heat
  • Use upright or flat
  • Three attachments included


  • Bulkier than some; weighs 2.6 pounds
  • On the pricey side

Most Comprehensive

BEAUTURAL 1200-Watt Steamer


When you need more than a tiny, essential steamer, go for this deluxe model with three attachments.

Which steamer is the steamiest?

Packing a steamer when you travel is a great idea. Most travel steamers weigh just a pound or two but are well worth their weight in your suitcase. Despite your best packing efforts, some garments are bound to get wrinkled. A travel steamer is just the thing to remove wrinkles gently. Since you're only using water, this method is safe for even your most delicate fabrics.

Steamers are good for more than just travel, however. You can steam bed linens, curtains, toys, furniture, or anything that needs a little freshening up.

Which one you should choose depends on the features that matter most to you. We like the OGHom Steamer; it's an excellent all-around pick. It has a large capacity 8.12-ounce tank for up to 15 minutes of steam time before you have to stop and refill the tank. Yet, it's not the largest machine on this list, weighing in at only 1.65 pounds. The wide mouth is a nice touch, making it easy to fill. A nice, long 9.2-foot cable gives you more steaming flexibility.

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