Best Twitter apps for iPad: Twitterrific, Echofon Pro, HootSuite, and more!

From keeping up with news and gossip to managing multiple accounts - These are the very best Twitter apps for iPad!

While Safari is a perfectly acceptable way to browse Twitter on your iPad, it's by no means the best experience. For that you'll need a proper Twitter app. Whether you're a casual tweeter who just wants to follow your favorite celebs, or a long-time pro who wants to micro-manage mute filters, lists, and more, there are several really good alternatives. But which one is the best for you?


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Best Twitter apps for iPad: Twitterrific

Twitterrific by the Icon Factory looks like the Twitter app that Apple themselves would have designed for iOS 7. It's simple, elegant, and has a unique Today feature that gives you a summary of new followers you've acquired and interactions you've received. Twitterrific also supports native push notifications, lists, trends, and a slew of other features as well.

If you want the best looking Twitter client available for iPad, Twitterrific is it.


Best Twitter apps for iPad: Tweetbot

Even though Tweetbot for iPad hasn't received an iOS 7 update yet — yet, right guys?? — it's still a great app. Tweetbot has all the features you could ask for — push notifications, list management, media timeline, mute filters, and much more. Yes, it's heavy textures do seem a little outdated now, but there's still no matching Tweebot's power.

If you want more power features and options than you can shake a tweet at, there's none better than Tweetbot.

Echofon Pro

Best Twitter apps for iPad: Echofon Pro

Echofon is one of the simplest Twitter clients available but it has a killer feature that makes it a perpetual favorite — unread syncing. You can choose to keep your tweets completely in sync across all your devices, including your iPhone and Mac. Echofon is the only Twitter app that does this flawlessly. There's also push notifications, list support, and more.

If you want to sync your unread tweets between iOS and OS X, there's nothing better than Echofon Pro.


Best Twitter apps for iPad: Twitter

The official Twitter app for iPhone is not only designed well, it's come a long way over the past several years. The Connect tab gives you loads of info at a glance including mentions, new followers, retweets, and more. The Discover section pulls in media and news from people you're following that you may have missed otherwise. There may not be a huge amount of advanced features but push notifications and the basics are there.

If you Twitter needs are casual, the official Twitter app gets the job done.


Best Twitter apps for iPad: HootSuite

HootSuite is not only a Twitter client for iPad but a complete social networking suite that can combine it with your Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn, and more. You can view your feeds separately but toggling between them is just two taps away. You can also schedule tweets to go out at certain times as well as track stats on links you post, a great feature for businesses and blogs.

If you want an all-in-one social network suite complete with schedules and stats, you want HootSuite.

TweetCaster Pro

Best Twitter apps for iPad: Tweetcaster Pro

TweetCaster Pro is made to be used with multiple Twitter accounts. The stack lets you quickly toggle between them and the card layout lets you view multiple types of interactions at once. You can also go into a more personal layout that looks much like the other Twitter clients listed here. View an image timeline, check out your own tweets and who has interacted with them, and more.

If you want lightning fast account switching and prefer column style viewing, check out TweetCaster Pro.

Your picks?

When it comes to Twitter we think all of the apps above are winners in their own right, it just depends how you use Twitter. Did I miss your favorite or did we help you find a new one? Let me know!

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