Thanks to their glass backs (and some new internals, obviously), the iPhone X and iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have wireless charging capabilities. No more fiddling with Lightning cables in the dark — just place them on a stand and you're charging. Want to be able to keep using your phone and be able to see the screen laying down while you charge?

These are the best upright charging stands for your iPhone X and iPhone 8!

Anker PowerPort wireless charging stand

Anker makes some of the best charging products in the world, whether it's cables, chargers, external battery packs, or charging stands. Its PowerPort charging stand is simple and black, with an LED on the front that indicates whether or not your phone is charging. Thanks to multiple coils, you can place your iPhone vertically or horizontally, depending on whether or not you're using it or just charging over night.

You get the charger in the box along with a 3-foot Micro-USB cable, a usage guide, and the stand is backed by Anker's 18-month warranty. Not too shabby for about $22.

Seneo iPhone charging stand

Seneo's charging stand is the best seller on Amazon and for good reason: It's a simple, no-frills charging stand. You get a Micro-USB cable in the box (no AC adapter), and Seneo provides a lifetime warranty, so if anything should ever go wrong with your charging stand, you'll receive a replacement.

This efficient chargers lets you leave your case on your phone so long as it's relatively thin, and it features overcharge and overcurrent protection so that you don't fry your phone. Grab it for around $20.

Bestand 2-in-1 wireless iPhone charger and Apple Watch stand

Looking for a wireless charging stand and a spot to stash your Apple Watch over night? The Bestand 2-in-1 stand features an upright wireless charger for your iPhone X or iPhone 8 and a spot for you to hang your Apple Watch, making this perfect for the Apple lover in your life.

Pricing starts around $40 and you can grab this stand in either gray or silver. There's even room to fit the Apple Watch magnetic charger on the stand, and there are convenient cable holes in the back of the stand so that you can charge up and keep everything nice and clean-looking.

Samsung Qi certified wireless charging stand

Samsung really has this whole wireless charging thing figured out and has since the Galaxy S6, so if you want a reliable, tried-and-tested wireless charging stand, then this is the one you want. You can charge your iPhone X or 8 horizontally or vertically, thanks to Samsung's dual coil design, and it features a soft ring on the charging pad that helps prevent slippage.

You can grab this one in black, white, gold, or silver, and pricing starts around $30 for the white one (which fits the Apple aesthetic perfectly).

MuiFA wireless charging stand with wood finish

If you're looking to keep things stylish and organic-looking, then MuiFA's charging stand is the one you want, with a lovely wood finish that comes in a sandy "Burlywood" color or a gorgeous, deep red wood grain. It has a built-in (non-removable) power cable out the back, which makes for a minimalist aesthetic. This is the perfect charging stand for a night table or desk, and starting at $17 for the red version ($19 for the Burlywood), it's a steal of a deal.

There's a subtle LED indicator to let you know your iPhone is charging, and there are two coils inside, so you can charge in whichever orientation your prefer.

Nexgadget 4-in-1 iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods charging station

This one's really cool. There's a wireless charging pad for your iPhone X or 8, and then there's a hole on the Apple Watch portion where your Apple Watch charger fits perfectly (with a slot down the back for the cable, which you can cover up with an included cover piece), and there's a sport for your AirPods case, which has a hole on the bottom, so you can run your charging cable under the whole unit.

Boom, you can charge all of your mobile Apple devices in one spot for roughly $50. One of the best features is that the iPhone charging pad comes off, so you can just take that one piece with you wherever you want in order to wirelessly charge your iPhone on the go.

Got a favorite?

Do you have a go-to upright charging stand for your iPhone X or iPhone 8? Sound off in the comments below!

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