Best weather apps for iPad

If you're looking for the best iPad apps to tell you all about the weather, including temperature and forecast, you're not alone. The iPad, unlike the iPhone, doesn't include a built-in Weather app. That means, if you're at all curious about sunrise or sunset, chance for precipitation, or anything else climate related, you have to turn to the App Store. Luckily, weather is one of the most popular app categories on the store, and developers and designers have had a field day making weather apps to suit a wide range of needs. So, which one is perfect for your needs?

Dark Sky

Best weather apps for iPad: Dark Sky

Dark Sky is one of my favorite weather apps because it can alert you to any kind of precipitation pretty much within minutes. It can then alert you before it happens so you can prepare. If you're running iOS 8 on your iPad, you can even add the Dark Sky widget to Notification Center to see whether or not you can expect rain or snow soon in just a swipe. Dark Sky also provides a 7 day forecast, sunrise and sunset information, and a beautiful live radar map of the entire globe, which is quite possibly the best one you're going to find.

If you live in an area where snow or rain is a constant variable, you need Dark Sky in your life.

The Weather Channel

Best weather apps for iPad: The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel app for iPad provides a little over a week's worth of forecasts as well as hourly breakdowns within a glance. The app is beautifully designed and allows you to add as many locations as you'd like. You can also enable push notifications for severe weather and pollen alerts for locations you specify. Other features include sunrise and sunset info, live interactive radar maps all over the world, weather related news, video content, and more. My only complaint is that I wish TWC would offer a way to pay to remove ads inside the app.

For those with allergies, or that only need alerts for severe weather and don't mind ads, The Weather Channel app is more than sufficient.


Best weather apps for iPad: Wunderstation

Wunderstation by Weather Underground puts over 45,000 weather stations at the tips of your fingers. Once you launch Wunderstation, you can choose what stations you'd like to monitor across the globe. You then get a bulletin board layout that can present info such as 10 day forecasts, hourly forecasts, historical data, precipitation info, and more all at a single glance. You can also customize these tiles to your liking by removing or adding ones you need or don't need.

For a ridiculous amount of information at a single glance packaged in a unique app that's a joy to use, look no further than Wunderstation.

Clear Day

Best weather apps for iPad: Clear Day

Clear Day, formally Weather HD, is one of the most gorgeous weather apps you'll find. The main screen shows conditions along with a beautiful animated background that alternates as long as its on the screen. Along the bottom you can toggle between current weather, maps, and Clear Day's quickview feature. Quickview shows you a brief overview of current conditions of every place you've added to Clear Day. Swipe back and forth to switch locations. Swipe up and down to view more or less information on the main screen. If there are ever weather alerts in your area, they'll appear along the top of the screen in a red banner.

If you want a breathtaking experience and don't need super advanced weather information, get Clear Day.

Yahoo Weather

Best weather apps for iPad: Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather strikes a nice balance between quick information at a glance and detailed information when you need it. When you view a summary of a location, you're given current temperature, high and low temps for the day, and a breakdown of today with an overview of tomorrow. Swipe up and you get much more than that with data such as extended forecasts, precipitation info, wind speed, radar maps, and more. Yahoo Weather also integrates with Flickr for background images so the graphics you see in most areas are always fresh and unique.

For a good balance between detailed weather info and at a glance info, Yahoo Weather offers that along with an interface that's always fresh and different thanks to Flickr integration.

Intellicast HD

Best weather apps for iPad: Intellicast HD

Intellicast HD is one of the most feature packed weather apps you're going to come across, period. With great maps that show current and future conditions paired with lots of forecast information, you won't miss a beat when it comes to the weather. From visibility to humidity to news and more, Intellicast HD is the app for hardcore weather checkers. Sadly, it does so at the sake of interface as so many weather apps do. There's also not a premium version anymore which means like it or not, you're stuck with ads just like you are with The Weather Channel.

If information density is more important to you than polish and design, Intellicast HD fits the bill just fine.

Your pick for best weather app for iPad?

These are what we currently consider to be the best weather apps for iPad, but now it's your turn — what's your favorite weather app for iPad?

Note: Published November 2013. Updated November 2014.

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