Keyboards are a surprisingly personal thing. A lot of people have strong opinions about what makes a good one and what makes a bad one. Apple's butterfly mechanism keyboard is a perfect example of how a keyboard can cause so much friction. Even without the double-type key issue, some people just hated the way it felt. Apple's Magic Keyboard is arguably the best-made keyboard around, but not everyone has one and they're a bit pricy if you want to buy one by itself. The Satechi Compact Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard is my personal favorite keyboard. I haven't even touched my Magic Keyboard in years. It has all the same great features as a Magic Keyboard, feels great to type with, and costs a whole lot less. With this Prime Day deal, it's even cheaper!

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We love the Satechi Compact Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard so much that it's on our list of the best alternatives to Apple's Magic Keyboard because it just feels so great to type on and it's designed with Apple products in mind.

Better than the Apple Magic Keyboard: Satechi Compact Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard | $20 off at Amazon

Satechi's Bluetooth keyboard has great key travel, convenient backlighting, and a handy number pad, and it charges over USB-C. Best of all, it can pair to up to three devices and quickly switch between them with the press of a button.

$60 at Amazon

It's incredibly slim, with a tapered design that raises the upper keys to be a bit easier on your wrists. If that's not enough, Satechi includes some thicker rubber feet in the box to make the function row even taller. The keyboard layout closely matches that of Apple's Magic Keyboard 2, with all of the same Mac-centric iconography and F-row functions.

This keyboard also has a number pad, which isn't included with the Magic Keyboard of the standard iMac. 10-key typing is just a reach away. It comes in Space Gray, which is a rarity for the Mac. To buy one separately would cost you $149 from Apple.

One of this keyboard's biggest advantages over Apple's own offerings is its ability to pair to up to three devices at once. You can press and hold any of the three Bluetooth buttons for a few seconds to enter pairing mode, then quickly switch between devices using the same buttons once paired. This means you can use it with your Mac, MacBook, and iPad just by hitting a few buttons, making it the ultimate keyboard for getting work done across multiple devices.

So far, this is one of my favorite Prime Day deals I have seen today, so don't miss your shot at getting an amazing keyboard for an amazing price.

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