Everyone looking for the best cases for iPhone 13 (or any other model) is looking for something different. If you prefer an ultra-thin, barely-there case, you'll undoubtedly want to consider the totallee iPhone case. And there is no time like the present because the totallee iPhone case is 50% off for Black Friday/Cyber Monday now with promo code BFCM2021. The deal ends on Nov. 30, so don't wait.

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Totallee Iphone 13 Pro Max Thin Clear Case

totallee iPhone case

Simple, minimal totallee cases are perfect for the person who doesn't want the feel of a case at all but needs just a bit of protection for their iPhone SE or any phone from the iPhone 11, 12, or 13 lineups. Choose from a variety of colors. The promo code is BFCM2021.

So how thin are totallee cases? The matte cases are made of polypropylene plastic and measure just .02 inches thick. This is about as thick as my fingernail. The slightly thicker clear cases are made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) and measure .03 inches thick. It's still thinner than any other TPU case I've tried.

Totallee cases work great with wireless chargers, including MagSafe chargers. However, it's not a "MagSafe" case, so you won't get that magnetic click into place, and you can't use other MagSafe accessories with it. On the other hand, the case does have a two-year limited warranty.

A case like this isn't going to offer a lot of protection from major drops. It's designed to protect from bumps, scratches, dirt, and minor drops. You can add a bit more protection using a totallee screen protector, which is also half off. Totallee's cases are totally unbranded, which adds to its minimalist appeal. The promo code, BFCM2021, is good until Nov. 30, 2021. We'll keep our eye out for more Black Friday deals and keep you in the know.

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