iPhone hacker extraordinaire, Geohot, blaming successful initial testing, has moved up the release for blacksn0w, his new iPhone 05.11.07 unlock tool, to... today! More specifically, noon today (Eastern time). And it looks slick:

If you are a loyal blackra1n user who kept the on your iPhone, run it. You will see Icy replaced by an option "ra1n". Install this to upgrade your app. After upgrading, run again. You will see "sn0w". Install this, and enjoy your unlocked iPhone.

He has notes up for new jailbreakers, pwnagetool users, and iPhone 2G owners as well (who don't need blacksn0w but rather BootNeuter, as always).

(If you're a Twitter user, show him love by helping #blacksn0w trend.) Lastly, a warning:

Also, a note. This may be the best iPhone users ever have it. Be sure, if you have a 3GS or iPod Touch 3, to use Cydia's "On File" or Firmware Umbrella in order to be able to restore to 3.1.2 in the future. And as always, the baseband cannot be downgraded, so be super careful with updates if you need the unlock.

For more, head on over to TiPb's Jailbreak and Unlock Forums, and happy sn0w day!