Celebrate the launch of Incredibles 2 with some fantastic Disney fun!

It's been 14 years since we've seen the "Parr family" (AKA: Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack). On June 15, we'll find out what the superhero family has been up to all these years in Incredibles 2. To celebrate the launch of Disney's next big movie, five Disney Games are super-loaded with Incredibles content. While you wait to be reunited with the most heroic family in history, get into the action with your favorite Disney Games.

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LEGO The Incredibles

Launching June 15, you can enter the world of the Incredibles with full adventures staring the Parr family, Frozone, and more. This story combines content from the original film and The Incredibles 2. It launches on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and for PC via Steam the same day as the movie premier.

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Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

Starting June 13 and running through June 25, you can battle the forces of evil with the Parr Family in their best form. Get extra power for the Incredibles characters when you activate your daily bonuses. Every day, you'll have the chance to unlock a new Hero Chip or bonus reward deal, which can be purchased until the end of the event. Playing with The Incredibles also opens up extra points in City Watch and Creep Surge, which you can use in The Incredibles Contest.

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Disney Magic Kingdoms

Your custom-made Disney Kingdom has been attacked, yet again, by Maleficent (when will she learn). In this Incredibles-themed event, running now through June 20, you can earn points toward unlocking the assets needed to bring Jack-Jack into the Kingdom. Beat Maleficent by sending characters to fight her at her tower and earn Maleficent Coins, which you can use to welcome Jack-Jack or bring buildings and characters you missed in previous events into your Kingdom (Missed Jack, Anna, or Elastigirl? Now's your chance to welcome them again!).

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Disney Emoji Blitz

Have you collected all the Disney characters in Disney Emoji Blitz? Guess what, there're three more! Starting June 15 and lasting just four days, you can participate in a fast-paced match-three event using all of your skills to collect those precious Diamond Boxes. Complete the entire event and you'll have the chance to unlock Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, or Jack-Jack, which you can keep in your collection for all-time. Your new Supers will also be waiting for you in the Emoji Blitz sticker pack.

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Disney Stickers: Incredibles 2

Express your undying love for the Incredibles with a fantastically designed set of iMessage stickers. Send Jack-Jack crying to show you're upset or Dash on the run when you're on your way. There are 21 animated stickers at your disposal. Don't let these Supers hold back their emotions. Show how you really feel with the Incredibles.

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How incredible are you?

Are you excited to see Incredibles 2? How are you celebrating the return of everyone's favorite super family?

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