Citrix Gets XP up on the iPhone... Blue Screen to Follow?

Windows users love them their XP. No matter how prettier, more secure, and better architected -- though admittedly heavier -- Vista may be, the PR problems round Microsoft way have made it seem like every user is desperate to keep XP running on everything from their server farm to UMPC.

And now thanks to the folks at Citrix -- who rumor has it know Windows at the they-contributed-towards-the-kernel level -- could the iPhone be next?

Well, technically no. They're not really getting XP to run on Apple's handset, but they are enabling the same kind of remote wizardry they've been doing on the Windows side for years.

Using XenDesktop over WiFi, they accessed the aged OS via Citrix Server at the Application Delivery Conference in Melbourne as part of the Keynote.

Pundits and plain folk have been saying for a while now that the iPhone gives you a UNIX box in your pocket, and its nice to see some of that power being harnessed.

Could Go to Meeting be far behind?

Rene Ritchie

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