Clorox bleaches BlackBerry, goes 92% iPhone

Clorox used to give their employees BlackBerrys but when Ralph Loura took over as Chief Information Officer he decided to let employees choose their own smartphone and as a result, they've gone 92% iPhone. (They're also piloting iPads.)

"We live in public cloud for mail and messaging. I don't have to worry about security because I don't sync data to the iPhones. It remains in the cloud," he said.

Apple has been talking a lot about enterprise in recent conference calls, citing impressive deployment and piloting numbers. This has always been BlackBerry (and Microsoft's) strongest market and something HP will no doubt target with webOS.

Is Apple already entrenching themselves in this non-consumer battleground? If you're in enterprise, would this work where you work?

[Computerworld, thanks Anthony!]


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