The TP-Link soft white dimmable A19 smart LED bulb is down to $17.27 on Amazon. This smart bulb fluctuates a lot in price, but it has been holding steady around $20 or more for the last few months. This drop is one of the best we've seen since the holiday shopping season last year.

TP-Link's smart bulbs are some of the easiest to set up. They connect quickly to your smart home and work with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Microsoft's Cortana. The Kasa app works on both Android and iOS and lets you turn your light on and off from anywhere. The bulb is dimmable so you can make it as bright as you want it to be. Users give this series 4.1 stars based on 4,329 reviews.

I use a TP-Link Kasa smart bulb with colors. It's currently $38, but if you really want the ability to change from white to blue to orange, that's the one you want.

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