How to use an old iPod touch as an

Would you like to know how to connect your iPhone to your television set? This tip will show you how to use a composite AV cable. If you have always wanted to look at your pictures on your big screen but did not know how stay with us after the break.

We are going to show you how to connect a composite AV cable from your iPhone to your television set.

1- Plug the yellow video connector into the video input port on your TV or receiver. 2- Plug the white and red audio connectors into the left and right analog audio input ports, respectively, on your TV or receiver. 3- Plug the iPod Dock Connector into your iPod, iPhone, iPad, or Universal Dock. 4- Plug the USB connector into your computer or a USB Power Adapter to keep your iPod, iPhone, or iPad charged.

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5- Turn on iPod, iPhone, or iPad and your TV or receiver to start playing.


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