Daily Tip: How to install iMovie on the original iPad 1

Consternated that Apple won't let you install the new iMovie app on your original iPad 1 and wondering how to get around that restriction? Sure it doesn't have cameras, a fancy Apple A5 chip or 512MB of RAM but iPad 1 can still handle some light video editing so if that's what you've got and iMovie is what you want, stay with us after the break and we reckon to show you how to get it!

WARNING: It may not work on Windows, it may disappear the minute you sync again with iTunes, it could cause conflicts in syncing with iTunes requiring a restore, and could otherwise aim to misbehave. Unless you really need iMovie on your original iPad, you may want to avoid this an just get ReelDirector off the App Store.

[fscklog via 9to5Mac]

If you want to load iMovie on your original iPad 1, here's what you have to do:

  1. Download iMovie for iPad [[iTunes link][http://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/imovie/id377298193?mt=8)] onto your Mac or Windows PC via iTunes.
  2. Download the latest version of the Apple iPhone Configuration Utility for either Mac web link or Windows web link. UPDATE: Commenters are saying it doesn't work on Windows. We can't test that right now but we'll do it asap.
  3. Install it!
  4. Launch the iPhone Configuration Utility.
  5. Choose Applications in the sidebar, the click Add and app (top left corner, looks like an app icon with a + sign)
  6. Locate iMovie and add it (should be in your /iTunes directory under Mobile Applications)
  7. Plug your original iPad 1 to your PC via the dock to USB cable
  8. When your iPad 1 shows up in the sidebar under devices, choose it. (Not Devices under Library, your iPad under devices -- the layout is confusing!)
  9. Choose the Application tab in the main window (between Provisioning Profiles and Console)
  10. Scroll through your apps until you see iMovie and then choose it and click Install.
  11. That's it! iMovie should now be on your original iPad 1.

Can't stop the signal.

If you have any questions or any other iMovie tips, let us know in comments.

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