Is your hard drive coming dangerously close to being overrun with data? If you have a ton of stuff on your computer and your iTunes library isn't helping the situation out have no fear we are here to help! You can move your iTunes library to a different hard drive and have some precious memory left on your computer!

  1. Open up the iTunes Preferences and select the Advanced tab
  2. Ensure "Keep iTunes media folder organized" is checked
  3. Now on the right of the text box at the top (iTunes Media folder location) you will see a button that says Change... go ahead and click on it
  4. Select the location you want to store your iTunes library
  5. Go to File then Library and finally choose Organize Library...
  6. Make sure you select to consolidate files and click ok
  7. Once the transfer is complete you can delete the files from their original location and have some precious storage space back on your computer

It's that simple to get a good portion of your hard drive back from iTunes. Just be aware that if you do decide to do this and you in fact use an external hard drive that when you use iTunes and want to play music or sync music you will need to have the hard drive plugged into your computer to utilize all of the media.

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