Developer Marco Arment, whose Instapaper app he believes is a good bellwether of iOS adoption, didn't see a spike with the Verizon iPhone launch -- leading him to believe many early Verizon iPhone buyers had previous iOS devices. Now we have heard Verizon iPhone sales were less than expected. Unlike cyclical AT&T iPhone releases, however, many potential customers are likely still on existing contracts and will wait until their next upgrade to switch over to the Verizon iPhone. That's a slow, steady pace as opposed to the previous mad June rushes.

Here on TiPb we've seen a pretty large influx of BlackBerry users and a fair amount of Android converts, but even if they didn't own an iPhone before they could have had an iPod touch or iPad to get their hands into the iOS platform.

So let's ask! Is Verizon iPhone your first iOS device? Vote in the poll up top and tell us which iOS device(s) you previously owned in the comments below. If you did have an iOS device before, did you just load it up with your existing app or did you go on another app shopping spree?