Is Verizon iPhone your first iOS device?

Developer Marco Arment, whose Instapaper app he believes is a good bellwether of iOS adoption, didn't see a spike with the Verizon iPhone launch -- leading him to believe many early Verizon iPhone buyers had previous iOS devices. Now we have heard Verizon iPhone sales were less than expected. Unlike cyclical AT&T iPhone releases, however, many potential customers are likely still on existing contracts and will wait until their next upgrade to switch over to the Verizon iPhone. That's a slow, steady pace as opposed to the previous mad June rushes.

Here on TiPb we've seen a pretty large influx of BlackBerry users and a fair amount of Android converts, but even if they didn't own an iPhone before they could have had an iPod touch or iPad to get their hands into the iOS platform.

So let's ask! Is Verizon iPhone your first iOS device? Vote in the poll up top and tell us which iOS device(s) you previously owned in the comments below. If you did have an iOS device before, did you just load it up with your existing app or did you go on another app shopping spree?


  • So happy with my new Verizon iPhone. Gave up AT&T mid contract, and went from 1 bar to full signal in most of the Houston Hermann Park/Med Center. I know service varies around the country, but this was a huge deal for me, since I work from home once a week. Thank you Verizon for all you do!
  • I had a first generation iPod Touch so that was before the App Store. The Verizon sales were less than expected because Verizon didn't let everyone upgrade to it, only people who were eligible for an upgrade could get it. If they let everyone upgrade at the two year price, regardless of eligibility date then the sales would of been huge.
  • Not true man, Im with Verizon and I was in the middle of my contract and I pre ordered at full price
  • Yeah he's saying if verizon would have done an early upgrade for everyone. Verizon did drip the ball on this one.
  • You may of been in the middle of your contract yes, but you more than likely qualified for an annual upgrade if your plan was $59.99 or higher. Anybody under that was left out.
  • Ipad was my first ios device. I waited patiently for the vzw iPhone, and so glad I did. Everyone in my area is now switching because vzw service is so much better around here.
  • I have a iPad and had a iPhone 3G when it launched on AT&T. Always pros and cons between gsm and CDMA, have to say my vzw iPhone isn't any more or less superior except: RECEPTION and RELIABLE. Could ask for a better phone, glad apple opened the door to CDMA. Not that I want sprint or Tmobile, but I wish they would open the door to other carriers. Android has saturated the market and I think apple missed the boat along time ago on that opportunity. The more iOS devices on other carriers there are,the better in my opinion! Also have had BB and android, iPhone 4 doesn't sport as many extra stuff as android, but it's reliable, stable, battery life is awesome even with my hotspur being used. 5 stars apple and Verizon !
  • Android also sucks. Have you ever used it?! My girl has it on her droid X and has to reboot it by taking out the battery all the time. I have the google tv and have to reboot it every time I use it or else I get a horrid sound bug. And it crashes every time I use it.
    Don't even start with android.
  • I checked out a Droid X yesterday for the first time only because I wanted to see how some of my mobile sites displayed on it. Unfortunately, I just stood there for ten minutes staring at it trying to figure the thing out. I went to a site, clicked a link, and couldn't find a back button. I clicked a link that opened another window and couldn't get back to the original window... or even get rid of the current window. Then, the keyboard wouldn't move out of the way, and tapping on the screen (or mysterious buttons) did nothing.
    Sure, if I'd stood there another five minutes I could've figured things out. But it was already a unintuitive, colossal failure as far as I was concerned. Garbage.
  • Lol - this is some sort of joke right? Having used iPhone 2G exclusively for the past 2 years, and only played with Android a few times, it is not quite as intuitive. However, to spend 5 minutes and be unable to find a back button on a phone with a DEDICATED, PHYSICAL back button - was this an Android fail or YOU fail? Let me guess, you were looking for a button on the screen, since that is clearly the only way it can be done?
  • Wow... a physical back button? HA! :lol:
    What a fine use of hardware. Is there also a Yahoo hardware button? and a History hardware button, too?
    I do recall clicking on some physical buttons with unfamiliar cryptic symbols... but none of them took me back. I admit, I did feel like a complete dumbass for a couple of minutes, until I realized it was the designers of the device who were the dumbasses. ;)
    I can't really comment on Android OS... I was only criticizing the Droid X. Garbage.
  • For a site that often makes mention of Apple's massive profits and price points relative other products, I think you guys could do a slightly better job letting readers know at what cost this all comes:
  • If we all thought about the people being effected to bring us goods then nobody would want to buy things like rice. I'm in the market to buy goods. If the manufacturing plant mistreats their workers, then they are bad people. NOT the people buying from them. I want to buy my phones and tablets from a company. Whatever happens on the back end should stay on the back end. It's not my business.
  • @Ken, You know this is not just a problem with Apple, right?
    This is widespread throughout China, which has many quality and worker treatment issues. A quick Google search will find that out.
    Not that it matters, though. You are just spamming the site and I am pretty much talking to myself.
    On topic - I really do like my Verizon iPhone, but I am kind of missing some things I had in my Palm Pre+ and even my old Blackberries:
    customized text tones per contact, making my own ringtones and text tones, week view in calander (which I downloaded an app for), Mark all as read or delete all options in mail, customizing my tones for mail, quick access to bluetooth and WiFi settings (why are they not together?), and a notification system that is unobtrusive ()texts don't pop up in front of you and stop everything)
    I am trying to go without jailbraking it, but I do not even know if jailbraking it will give me the features I am used to.
    I am still happy I am on the iPhone, as it is the best system out there now with the best support (I hate waiting for three months on android phones for an update).
  • I'm not spamming at all.
    I'm a long time reader, occasional commentor.
    And of course Apple isn't alone in exploiting Chinese labor.
    I was simply wondering why unsubstantiated iPad 3 rumors are daily news, and borderline slave workers having been poisoned and are stricken with potentially permanent nerve damage while making touch screens for iOS devices isn't deemed newsworthy.
  • 1) You were off-topic with a copy-paste link. It is natural to assume that you are a spammer.
    2) The fault is with Wintek, and not Apple. The screen cleaner used that is causing the issues would not be a problem if the workers were given proper PPE and the ventilation system was upgraded - things not directly under Apple control or supervision.
    3) Bad working conditions in China plants are kind of assumed as a "no-duh" kind of fact.
    4) The workers at the Wintek company have been trying to sue Wintek itself for about a year. This really is old news. They don't really have any power against their own company, so they are trying to appeal to Apple, since that might generate more news and actually get a result. Its a smart move, and I don't blame them for it.
    5) This is a cost of all products. Stuff just isn't made in the US anymore. Foxcomm and Wintek don't just deal with Apple. You could say the same thing about the Galaxy Tab, Blackberries, Xbox 360's, or the computer/phone that you are using right now.
    Is it horrible, yes; but this happens in China a lot. You are talking about a place where the government purposely deflates their own money in order to make the labor cheaper. This hurts the people, but helps their government and commerce. Civil rights don't exist there like they do here.
    Your beef should be with China and the US government to get this fixed, not really with Apple.
  • Jailbreaking will solve most of those deficiencies you speak of. iPhone plus jailbreak is unbeatable.
  • Been with Verizon awhile, and have been waiting for iPhone. We've had Macs for a LONG time. Really enjoying the phone, and just finishing up my app buying spree. :)
  • Most of the articles I read PRIOR to the launch of the Verizon version of the iPhone were about how many AT&T customers were going to leave to go to Verizon upon iPhone availability with them. Little of the focus appeared to be on the number of new iOS customers attracted by this. It seems apparent in much of Verizon's advertisements that they have been expecting (and focusing on) a large influx of AT&T customers, larger than has actually been seen, but not so much upon those who have avoided the iPhone do to the limited carrier selection. They launch a product that has been available for many months, basically halfway through its product cycle, with the only real difference being that it connects to their network instead of their - admittedly problematic - competitor's network. There is only so much that should have been expected in the first place.
    I wonder what is going to happen at the next iPhone launch. Will Verizon launch that one at the same time or be left months behind?
  • I had 9 iPt's, an iPhone EDGE, an iPhone 3G, and 2 iPads before this...
  • I had the iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3Gs on AT&T, moved to Verizon's iPhone 4 (with a brief detour with a Droid X) and I have no idea what Instapaper is (and by clicking on the Instapaper link in the article, still don't) and haven't really put the effort into finding out what it is.
  • The Verizon iPhone is the first ios device I've owned. I've owned a couple iPod nanos but always had Verizon so I couldn't get the iPhone until now. I actually wasn't interested in the iPhone until last summer because I was skeptical about owning a touch screen device.
  • Just because people aren't installing Instapaper, does not mean new people aren't buying an iPhone on Verizon. If you're going to predict Verizon iPhone adoption using an app, a more popular app should be used. Probably one that is a game and is free.
  • You can assign custom text tones to people. Just edit their contact info and there will be a field saying "Text tone" :)
  • I appreciate the advice, but I am looking for real custom text tones, not pre- programed ones. On my pre plus, I used to have the text tone as the item finding sound in Zelda. Can't do that without jailbreaking.
  • Yes, this is my first iOS device. I've had 2 different blackberries and was using the Palm Pre before my new iPhone. I wasn't willing to switch from Verizon because the coverage in my area is better on Big Red. I wasn't planning on getting the iPhone but I kept getting error messages on my Pre. So i called Verizon and they were really awesome with helping me with trade ins, etc. so I wouldn't have to pay full retail price and I'm extremely happy with my new IPhone! I can see why it won best phone in Barcelona. Set up was a bit tricky, but once you've got it hooked up- YOU get hooked up! Now I understand the hype!
  • Hi,
    I believe that you have made a error of spelling at the 3rd line. This post is, notwithstanding, awesome.