DeviantArt launches its first iPhone app to help users browse its online gallery

DeviantArt, the world's largest online art gallery and community, has finally launched its first mobile app. It's now available for the iPhone and is currently just for iOS 8 users, but an iOS 7 version is in the works.

The app is designed just for smartphones but apparently a version for the iPad is coming soon. Here's what users can expect from the new DeviantArt app:

  • Today Page – every day, the editorial team will draw from and reflect back to the community a vibrant combination of news, features, curations and conversations.
  • What's Hot, Undiscovered, Daily Deviations and Explore – give you ways to liberate and inspire yourself with extraordinary images drawn from an art collection powered by over 32 million artists and curators on DeviantArt. Features like More Like This associate images through member-curated Collections to provide endless entertainment and inspiration as you travel through the app by browsing layers of similar art.
  • Status Updates – post short updates and in-phone camera images in a simple and direct format that lets you create informal conversations with your watchers. Status Updates allow you to share how you're feeling, what you're thinking, what you're working on, or to share the work of an artist you love.
  • Watch Feed – a personalized and easy to access feed of every Journal, Collection, or Status Update posted by people you watch.
  • Notifications – the communication center of the app where you manage all mentions, replies and other messages.
  • Submit – submit art and literature to DeviantArt or compose a Status Update to initiate rich visual conversations.
  • Free - Download now

Source: DeviantArt

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