DJI OM 4 review: Stabilize your video like a pro

DJI OM 4 with tripod taking a picture
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Bottom line: Turn your iPhone videos into professional-grade shake-free movies without having to buy a full camera rig. It is the best phone stabilizer on the market today.


  • +

    Magnetic phone connector

  • +

    Simple set up

  • +

    Comes with tripod

  • +

    Landscape and portrait mode

  • +

    Intelligent shooting modes


  • -

    Magnetic clamp is very tight on iPhone 12 Pro Max

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This year, DJI updated its hugely popular OSMO phone stabilizer, giving it a new name (OM 4) and a redesign that fixes pretty much every single problem that the previous version had. The DJI Mimo app has been updated with some amazing new intelligent features, and the gimbal itself got a new coat of paint, an upgraded motor to support heavier phones, and connects via ultra-strong magnets, which fixes the awkward attachment arm of the previous generation. The OM 4 is a handheld gimbal for stabilizing your camera so you can take smooth and controlled video like a professional. The DJI Mimo is where you can really take advantage of all of these features, including zooming, tracking, and more. It works with both iPhone and Android phones.

DJI OM 4 review: What I like

DJI OM 4 close up of the physical controls on the gimbal

DJI OM 4 close up of the physical controls on the gimbal (Image credit: iMore)

The OM 4 is every bit as good as its predecessor, OSMO 3, but with some smart improvements. The OM 4 features DynamicZoom, which does this weird trick that warps the background while you're zooming in or out. It makes it seem like the background is moving while the subject is staying still. It also features gesture controls. You can set up your OM 4 on the included tripod, set it on the table, and instead of having to use the camera controls to start a video or take a photo, you can hold your hand up in a V shape or just show the palm of your hand to set a 3-second timer to start recording or take a photo. You can enable this for Active tracking, too, so you can walk around while the OM 4 is standing on the table and the gimbal will follow you around.

The DJI Mimo app, which is how you use all of the OM 4's features, has also been updated with more advanced features for tracking people and improved recognition of kids and pets. Whether your little one is running off steam at the park or your puppy is learning its first trick, the Mimo camera will stay focused on the subject and follow it smoothly without shake or jumping.

DJI OM 4 showing Story Mode

DJI OM 4 showing Story Mode (Image credit: iMore)

There is a dedicated Story Mode button in the Mimo app, which does exactly what it sounds like. It records clips in varying amounts of time set to a fun song with a filter. Different templates offer different styles of stories and you can select the camera pan for each clip. It's pretty fun.

The Mimo app also now has CloneMe mode, which lets you place yourself within the same shot of a pano by pausing filming between each section so you can move into the new spot.

Once you install the Mimo app and sign up for an account, it's very easy to get started with your smooth videos. There are on-screen instructions to guide you through the syncing process. Once your phone is connected to the OM 4, the gimbal swings into action, flipping your phone into recording mode. Using the physical buttons on the OM 4, you can pan, zoom, and switch between modes. Since there are no significant instructions, you can start filming right away.

With a little more instruction and noting where additional features are, you can get into some serious filming. The gimbal of the OM 4 is where all the work is done, but the Mimo app is the brains of this operation. And together, they make a Master Blaster stabilizer for your iPhone or Android phone. Though the Mimo app (and an account) is required to sync with your phone, it is not required to use for filming. You can switch over to your preferred camera app and it will continue to work as a phone stabilizer, just without the advanced features available in the Mimo app (like ActiveTracking). You could even use it as a stand for your phone while you watch a movie if you want. But, to get the most out of your OM 4, you'll want to use it with the Mimo app.

DJI OM 4 magnetic clamp mount on an iPhone 12

DJI OM 4 magnetic clamp mount on an iPhone 12 (Image credit: iMore)

The best part about the OM 4, which is a huge improvement over its predecessor, is the magnetic mount. The Osmo 3's mount is connected directly to the gimbal and mounting or dismounting your phone is awkward. With the OM 4, the mount is removable, so you can clamp it to your phone and keep it there, even if you're not actively using the gimbal. Even better, it comes with a magnetic phone finger ring. You know, the kind that works like a grip or a kickstand. so you always have your mount with you on your phone. I recommend putting this on a case. The adhesive is not reusable, so once it's mounted, it has to stay on. Overall, the magnetic mounting system for the OM 4 is a huge improvement over the previous model and I love it.

The OM 4 also comes with a tabletop tripod, so you don't have to hold it in your hand. Set it on the kitchen table and enable ActiveTracking. The camera will follow you around, whatever you're doing. So you can make an entire YouTube video on how to bake a cake with a single camera tracking you the whole time.

DJI OM 4 review: What I don't like

DJI OM 4 magnetic clamp on an iPhone 12 Pro Max

DJI OM 4 magnetic clamp on an iPhone 12 Pro Max (Image credit: iMore)

If you don't want to use the ring and choose to go the way of the clamp, it stretches out enough to fit an iPhone 12 Pro Max with a case as thick as the Apple Silicon case, although it's a very tight fit. I doubt it would stretch any more. Without a case, I found myself worrying about scratching up that beautiful stainless steel edge. Though there is padding on the clamps, they don't reach all the way to the edge, and if your phone is really big, metal touches the edges when you clamp it on or take it off.

The mount clamps also have a little bit of a curve, so I don't think it is a good fit with particularly rugged cases, like the Otterbox Max Defender, even on a smaller iPhone, except maybe the iPhone 12 mini.

The competition

Zhiyun Smooth 4

Zyihun Smooth 4 (Image credit: Zyihun)

If the OM 4 isn't what you're looking for, the Zhiyun Smooth 4 is a fan favorite around here. It's got a lot of amazing features and comes in at a reasonable price.

If you're just getting started with using a stabilizer or just don't want to spend a lot of money and only need a few features, the Moza Mini S is a very good quality gimbal with basic controls.

Check out our roundup of the best phone gimbals if you're still looking for something different.

DJI OM 4: Should you buy

DJI OM 4 showing Story Mode

DJI OM 4 showing Story Mode (Image credit: iMore)

You should buy this if ...

You are ready to step up your video game

The OM 4 isn't exactly a cheap gimbal. It's got a lot of seriously fantastic features, but not everyone needs all of those features. If you film and publish videos somewhat regularly, this is worth the investment.

You want help tracking your subject

ActiveTracking on the OM 4 is seriously fantastic and a life changer if you're a single-camera filmmaker that likes to move around your subject (or move yourself around if you're the subject). It creates a seamless flow between the camera and the subject, even if they're running wild in the streets.

You should not buy this if ...

You don't film video very often

Though the OM 4 is great for photographs as well as video, it's a little expensive if you're only going to use it to take pictures. It is a phone stabilizer, and the video software that comes with the OM 4 is really where this gimbal shines.

You're on a budget

The OM 4 is a premium quality gimbal that comes at a premium price. There are less expensive gimbals on the market, though you will compromise some of the great features of the OM 4. If you can afford it, the Osmo Mobile 3 is still available at a discounted price and works with the DJI Mimo app for many of the great features of the OM 4, like ActiveTrack.

DJI OM 4 review: Conclusion

DJI OM 4 in handheld mode taking a picture of a halloween decoration

DJI OM 4 in handheld mode taking a picture of a halloween decoration (Image credit: iMore)

The OM 4 is another in DJI's fantastic line of products designed for filmmakers on the go. It has an outstanding array of software features via the Mimo app, combined with quality hardware that is ultra-portable. It's perfect for practically every phone. Every phone except the really big ones, in which case you may have some fitting issues (though you could just stick the ring mount on the back of your phone and not worry about the size). I definitely recommend this for people that like to record video, whether professionally or in the backyard with the kids.

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