Best answer: Unfortunately, this model does not have speakers. It does include a headphone jack, however, like similar monitors. If you're looking for a 27-inch LG 4K monitor with built-in speakers, then you should spend an extra $50 on the 27UK850.

Is this important?

You'll need to decide whether you can live without speakers built into your monitor. Because the LG 27UD88 model does offer a headphone jack, this omission might be fine for most folks. The monitor does include volume in its menu controls, which is good to know if you decide to utilize the jack.

Please note that most computer screens also lack built-in speakers, which is why there are PC speakers to choose from. They can take up room on your desk, however, which is why having speakers built into the monitor would be helpful.

Shop around

When shopping for computer monitors, there are many things to consider, including the type of monitor, price, and the resolution. In my humble opinion, it's that last point that's most important, since with intensive tasks like gaming, visuals and response time are crucial to winning. With this in mind, I wouldn't pay extra for built-in speakers, since you're more likely to get better sound from external speakers or your favorite headphones.

If you do want to buy an LG monitor that includes speakers, consider the LG 4K UHD 27UK850, which offers the same resolution and pixel density as the other model. It includes two 5W MAXXAudio speakers. Better still, you can often find this monitor less expensive than the other one, depending on current sales.

Both of the monitors listed here are on our list of the Best 4K Monitors for Mac in 2018 if you're looking for some more options.

Our pick

LG 4K UHD 27UD88

The one you want for less

When looking for a new computer monitor, whether it has a built-in speaker is usually not a determining factor. With this in mind, the 27UD88 is still a terrific choice for a gaming monitor.

One with speakers

LG 4K UHD 27UK850

For extra, a worthy choice

This LG monitor is your best bet if you definitely want speakers included. Watch for sales to get this for the lowest possible price.

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