Does Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit remember the courses you've already made?

Mario Kart Live Mario And Luigi With Gate
Mario Kart Live Mario And Luigi With Gate (Image credit: Rebecca Spear / iMore)

Does Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit remember the courses you've already made?

Best Answer: Yes and no. If you've just created a track, the game will remember the layout until you disconnect the karts from the Switch or turn the Switch off. If you turn the game back on after not having played for a few hours or days, you'll need to redraw the track. To make it easier to remember boundary lines, it helps to use things like cones or other real-world items.Racetrack props: Multicolor cones set ($19 at Amazon)

How does the game know where the track is?

When you start a new Mario Kart Live game, the first player (or only player) will be asked to draw out the layout of the racetrack. The game makes a big show of this by having a Lakitu playfully dump virtual paint on your kart wheels.

Then you need to drive through the included four cardboard gates in order from one to four before heading back to gate one. The game only allows you to create looped tracks instead of ones that go from point A to point B. Once that's done, the game will know where the track should be and will overlay augmented reality elements over your Switch screen accordingly.

We highly recommend creating a physical racetrack using objects around your home like this set of 24 multicolor cones. It makes things more exciting to look at on screen and makes it easier for players to tell where they're supposed to go during a race.

Does Mario Kart Live save courses you've drawn?

If you've already drawn a racetrack and have played through a Cup but want to play through another one during the same play session, then the game will remember the layout. However, once the karts disconnect from the Switch or the Switch turns off, the racetrack layout will be forgotten. It cannot save racetracks you've already created.

Afterall, you might set up the physical race track a little differently, which would mess up the race. So even if you leave the physical racetrack out for several days, you'll need to redraw the virtual boundaries in-game if you want to play again a few hours or days later.

Another thing to note, is that if the cardboard gates get moved or the software has some kind of error, you might be forced to stop racing and redraw the track in the middle of one of your races. For that reason, I highly recommend weighting the cardboard gate legs down with something heavy, like books.

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