Don't read faster, read smarter with Instaread!

Are you a bookworm who loves to read, but just can't find time to get through your giant list of books? Lots of people struggle with the same reality; there are too many books and not enough time! There's no reason you should have to give up your love of reading because of a busy schedule. Of course, you could always try your hardest to become a faster reader, but that's not guaranteed to work.

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What if I was to tell you that reading faster isn't the answer, it's reading smarter. iMore Digital Offers can help you get through all your favorite books in a fraction of the time!

Right now through iMore Digital Offers you can receive a Instaread: Lifetime Subscription! Instaread is the revolutionary app targetted to bookworms and reading enthusiasts just like you!

Instaread gives you lifetime access to descriptive summaries of over 500 New York Times' bestselling books. That's right, you can read or listen to these comprehensive summaries of best-selling books in about 15 minutes, that's a mere fraction of the time it would take you to read the entire thing!

Just check out all these great features the Instaread: Lifetime Subscription can provide!

  • Get the insights and takeaways from bestselling books in 15 minutes or less.
  • Read Instaread on your phone or tablet, or stream audio formats for over 500 books!
  • Enjoy a steady stream of new releases every single month.
  • Save money on books by avoiding high prices on physical copies.

You want to read more, and iMore Digital Offers is giving you that chance for only $49.99! That's right, the Instaread: Lifetime Subscription is 90% off!.

Start tackling that list of must-read books and jump on this great deal today!

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