Dr. Dre's latest album to debut on Apple Music on August 6

In yet another exclusive reveal, Apple Music is set to debut Dr. Dre's new album, simply titled "Compton," on August 6 between 6pm and 9pm PT on Beats 1 radio. This is Dr. Dre's first new album since 1999, so there's understandably quite a bit of hype behind it. The album stream also comes just a week ahead of the release of "Straight Outta Compton," a biopic that details the struggle of rap group NWA as it rose to become a cultural icon in the late 1980s.

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The first airing of the album follows a number of other exclusives from Apple Music and Beats 1 since the service launched, including Pharrell's latest track, Freedom, and went on to debut Eminem's latest song, Phenomenal. Beats 1 was also chosen by MTV to reveal the VMA nominees in late July. In any case, if you didn't forget about Dre, you can listen to his latest album this Thursday on Beats 1.

Source: Apple Music (Twitter)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster