Dragon Dictate

Dragon Dictation [Free - iTunes link] brings the voice recognition and transcription technology behind Nuance's well known Dragon Naturally Speaking to the iPhone (and iPod touch with mic attached. Apparently, per comments below, it won't allow download to iPod touch (?!) ).

Basically, you tap a button, say what you want to say -- from a brief reminder note to long, flowing prose -- and Dragon sucks it in and coverts it all to text. Nuance claims it's 5 times faster than typing, and you can email or SMS the results, and of course to update Twitter or Facebook via copy and paste. There's even a voice-controlled correction UI.

Best of all, Dragon Dictation is free for a "limited time" -- though it appears to be US-only at the moment (what, licensing problems, or don't international users speak?)

If you give it a try, let us know how you like it...

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