EasySMX V07W Wireless Headset review: Colorful RGB lights and great sound

Easysmx V07w Left Earphone Controls
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Bottom line: With excellent sound, a comfortable fit, and RGB lights the EasySMX V07W makes for a great accessory for any gamer. Just be aware that it might cause some echoing during multiplayer games. You can use it wired or wireless.


  • +

    Great sound

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    Wireless or wired connection

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    RGB lights

  • +

    Clear mic


  • -

    Echoing during some multiplayers

  • -

    Mute button makes a loud noise

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Good headphones are a huge part of any gaming experience, whether you're playing on the go with the Nintendo Switch or hopping online to run through multiplayer sessions with friends. The best gaming headsets provide excellent sound and can pick up your voice well so your friends can hear you.

For the last few weeks, I've been able to test the EasySMX V07W Wireless Headset. The RGB lights that glow from both headphones make it a fun accessory for any gamer and the sound quality is excellent for the price.

EasySMX V07W Wireless Headset review What I like

Easysmx V07w Purple Color (Image credit: Rebecca Spear / iMore)

As with many other EasySMX devices, the V07W Wireless Headset offers RGB lights for a fun effect. Both headphones have a circle of lights that cycles through a rainbow of colors and looks especially cool in the dark. But there's more going for the V07W than just the lights.

Great sound

You obviously shouldn't expect the best sound ever from a $60 pair of headphones, but for the low price, this EasySMX headset sounds really good. It handles both bass and high-pitched tones well with clear delivery. It also gets pretty loud and you can easily adjust the volume using the wheel on the left headphone.

Comfortable fit & good design

Easysmx V07w Charging Port (Image credit: Rebecca Spear / iMore)

The V07W doesn't weigh very much and the soft cushioning on the top band as well as on both headphones felt very comfortable to me. I was able to wear it for a long time without feeling any strain.

The headset can be used with the included audio cable or by using the included USB Bluetooth adapter. It also comes with a USB-A to micro USB cable so you can charge up them up for those wireless sessions. However, you should note that the RGB colors only come on when the headset is used with a wired connection. A battery life indicator is located on the bottom of the right headphone that allows you to easily tell how much juice you have left.

I was able to get about eight hours out of the battery while play my Switch. As long as you're charging it between uses, this will be plenty long for your gaming sessions.

EasySMX V07W Wireless Headset review What I don't like

Easysmx V07w Attached Microphone (Image credit: Rebecca Spear / iMore)

I used this headset on my Switch, PS4, PC, and phone. In each situation, the sound came through clear for me. However, while playing online multiplayers, my friends informed me that their voices were echoing even though I couldn't hear it. We eventually determined that if I unplugged the headset the echoing stopped. This isn't something you'd experience with the best gaming headsets.

Another bad thing is that every time I flipped the switch to mute, it caused a loud, painful buzzing for the people I was playing with. For these reasons, I didn't feel comfortable using it to play with others. However, if you're mainly just going to do solo gaming on your Switch, the EasySMX V07W will be a great fit. Thankfully, the microphone is detachable if you decide you don't ever want to use it.

EasySMX V07W Wireless Headset review The competition

Easysmx V07w Top Of Band (Image credit: Rebecca Spear / iMore)

The EKSA E900 are wired gaming headphones with a cool red and black color scheme. They offer excellent sound quality, come with a pleather drawstring bag, feature a removable mic, and include a cable splitter.

If you're consciencious about your hearing, then you should consider the PuroGamer Headset, which are wired volume-limiting headphones designed to prevent permanent damage.

For those who love pink and want some adorable RGB cat ears on wireless headphones, then the Razer Kraken BT Kitty Edition is worth a look. It has decent sound quality, but it's the light up cat ears that will get people talking.

If you already have wireless headphones, but want to make them work with a Nintendo Switch, you might just need a Bluetooth adapter like the GuliKit Route Air Bluetooth Adapter. Just plug it into the bottom of your Switch and you're good to go.

EasySMX V07W Wireless Headset review Should you buy it?

Easysmx V07w All Parts (Image credit: Rebecca Spear / iMore)

If you're looking for a comfortable and low-priced RGB gaming headphones you definitely should consider the EasySMX V07W Wireless Headset. The rotating spectrum of colors gives it a fun look and you'll have the option of playing both wirelessly or with a cable connection.

However, you should be aware that there's a bit of an echoing issue when playing online multiplayer games, and in my experience, the mute button can cause rather painful feedback for others you are playing with. As such, this might be better suited to folks who want something colorful for playing solo games with.

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