How to edit copy paste text on your new iPad

The new iPad has a virtual keyboard, along with all sorts of tips and tricks to make typing easier and faster. Because there are no CTRL or CMD keys, however, you can't copy, cut, or paste like you can on a Mac or Windows PC. Instead, there's a popup menu that appears at the tap -- or double tap, of a finger. There's a lot of functionality packed into it to, though how much exactly varies from app to app.

How to cut or copy text

How to copy text on your new iPad

Your iPad allows you to easily copy text from most apps and web pages, and cut text from apps that support text entry (like Notes or Mail). They work the same way. Cut is useful when you want to move text from one place to another. Copy is useful when you want to share text with someone or move it into another app.

  1. Double tap in the area you would like to copy.
  2. You'll now see the popup and blue anchors on your screen. You can drag these blue anchors to select the exact text you'd like to copy.
  3. One you're done adjusting your selection just tap Copy or Cut.

You can also opt to select all the text on a give page.

  1. Tap the screen
  2. When the popup menu appears, tap Select all.
  3. Choose Cut or Copy.

How to paste text

How to paste text on your new iPad

Once you're done copying or cutting text, you'll be able to paste it into an email, text message, into a form on the web, a Pages document, or any other app on your iPad that allows text entry.

  1. Double tap on the screen where you'd like the text to be.
  2. A menu will pop up. Click Paste.
  3. If you don't see a paste option, you may not have any text on your clipboard or the text you tried to copy may not be able to be copied.

How to get the definition of a word

How to define text on your new iPad

If you're reading on your new iPad and run across a word you don't know, you can quickly and easily consult the built-in dictionary.

  1. Double tap the word you aren't sure about.
  2. A menu will pop up and you can tap Define to view the definition, pronunciation, and more.

Other text editing features

While the above features should be present throughout all of iOS, some apps choose to implement other text edit features.

If you are reading a book in iBooks you will also have the option to highlight text as well.

When composing an e-mail you'll have the option to increase or decrease the quotation level, or apply other Rich Text formatting like Bold, Italic, or Underline.

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