From the Editor's Desk: We finally got an Apple Spring event, and it's going to be loaded

iPad Pro: The ultimate guide
iPad Pro: The ultimate guide (Image credit: Joseph Keller / iMore)

Another week has come and gone, and this time we have been given the great gift of an Apple event this coming Tuesday. Huzzah! Yes, April 20 is the big day for Apple's 'Spring loaded' event, so let's get right down to it.

Airtags Render

Airtags Render (Image credit: Jon Prosser)

In this event, we are most definitely finally going to see the AirTags that have long been rumored. If we don't, then maybe it's just going to go the way of AirPower (but seriously, I hope not). I honestly can't wait for AirTags, because I can be quite forgetful and misplace things more often than I'd care to admit, so I can see these things as being one of the more important Apple products I will own in the future. Plus, the thing that I am really looking forward to is how they will integrate seamlessly in the Find My app with all of my other Apple devices instead of having to use another third-party service and making another account on top of everything else. I also hope that Apple includes a basic feature like notifying you when an AirTag is left behind because honestly, I don't like that Tile charges a premium subscription for a feature that should be included with an item tracker. Anyways, c'mon AirTags, it's about time!

Other things that we are expecting during this event include a new iPad Pro for sure, possible AirPods 3, the 6th-generation Apple TV, and maybe an Apple Pencil 3. I think if we are getting a new iPad Pro, then an Apple Pencil is definitely a given. After all, isn't that the quintessential iPad accessory, especially for the Pros? I just hope that Apple does more to revamp the new Apple Pencil besides giving it a new tip and a black color option — let us use the Pencil as a mouse, or even customize the functionality for different apps! That can't be too much to ask for, right?

Moving on to some other interesting Apple rumors this week, there is one floating around about a new HomePod with an attached iPad-like screen and built-in camera. I'm honestly not so sure about this because it seems a little counterintuitive. The original HomePod was just discontinued after the HomePod mini has been a hit because of affordability, and now Apple wants to go back and make what seems like an expensive HomePod with some extra features? I honestly doubt such a product would do well in terms of sales if it even comes to fruition at all. However, since it is rumored that it would have some kind of 'robotic arm,' I am getting some kind of iMac G4 vibes from this. Still, I'm skeptical overall.

Iphone 13 Vr Concept

Iphone 13 Vr Concept (Image credit: ConceptsiPhone)

If you're looking for a cool concept this week, there is the iPhone 13 VR concept video that popped a few days ago. We're certain that we'll be getting some kind of Apple AR glasses in the future, but what about the hardware needed for it? This video shows off a unique concept of a VR-ready iPhone. However, I'm not entirely sold on the VR concept for this as much as that cool back panel on the iPhone 13 itself. This concept has a small screen on the back panel, next to the cameras, and this could be used for things like notifications or seeing when Siri is active while your phone is face-down on a surface — I dig it. I highly doubt we'll see anything like that this year though, but maybe down the road in a few years.

Anyway, that about wraps it up for this week. Super excited for Tuesday! Make sure to tune in to iMore for all of your Apple event coverage.

Until next time.

- Christine Romero-Chan

Christine Chan

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