European Commission reportedly finds no evidence of collusion between Apple and record labels

Apple Music has certainly cast a spotlight on Apple over antitrust concerns, but a new report claims that European regulators have looked into the tech giant's deals with music labels and found no evidence of collusion. From Re/Code:

Investigators examined whether the labels conspired with one another or with Apple on Apple's new streaming music service in a way that would hurt rivals. The probe failed to turn up any illegal activity, though the EU will continue to monitor the market, sources said.

Apart from the European Commission, Apple Music is also being scrutinized by concerned consumers and regulators in the U.S.. In late July, U.S. Senator Al Franken penned a letter to the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission urging the agencies to look into Apple's licensing agreements. At the same time, consumer advocacy group, Consumer Watchdog, also called for an investigation by the agencies.

For its part, the FTC is said to already be leading an investigation to determine whether Apple's 30% cut of subscription fees from apps on its App Store, particularly from music streaming services like Spotify, is anticompetitive.

Source: Re/Code

Dan Thorp-Lancaster