Exclusive leaked images show how much Apple Card weighs!

Apple Card iPhone payment
Apple Card iPhone payment (Image credit: Apple)

Apple employees that signed up for beta testing of Apple Card are starting to get their physical cards shipped to them. Our source, who prefers to remain unnamed, shared some exclusive photos with us, including its actual weight.

As you can see from the pictures, the Apple Card weighs in at almost exactly a half ounce or about 14.75 grams.

The Apple Card weighs .52 oz or 14.74 grams

We've also got a few shots of the sleeve the Apple Card comes in. It's pristine white on the front with a debossed Apple logo in the dead center (thanks to reader George Pérez-Marrero for letting me in on the difference between embossing and debossing).

The front of the sleeve the Apple Card comes in is white with an Apple Logo debossed in the center

Inside, things get a little more colorful with an ombre style rainbow wash.

The inside of the sleeve the Apple Card comes in is ombre rainbow

The card itself has the Apple logo on the front. The cardholder's name is also on the front in black lettering, but we have removed the name for privacy purposes. You'll have to wait a bit longer to see that in real life.

The front of the Apple Card has the Apple Logo and the cardholder's name

The back side of the card shows the Goldman Sachs and Mastercard logos with a gray strip at the bottom. Pretty minimalist.

Hate the Apple Card color or design? Here are some alternative metal cards!

Since Apple and Goldman Sachs have started approving credit lines for the Apple Card in this beta stage (only available to Apple employees), there have been a lot of people approved for cards.

Our source notes that one person with a credit rating of between 600 and 700 was approved, though the credit limit was only $1,000. It looks like Apple and Goldman Sachs are offering credit lines to a wide range of consumers, which could potentially be very helpful for someone trying to build credit for the first time or try to reestablish good credit.

It took about a week for our source to receive their physical Apple Card after applying, but shipping time may be shorter or longer after the service becomes available to the general public. The application process only takes about a minute because all of your contact and billing information was already pre-filled from information attached to your Apple ID.

If you want to know more about the Apple Card and how it works, check out our FAQ.

Apple Card: Everything you need to know!

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