Facebook 3.0 (Sans Push) for iPhone Submitted to iTunes App Store

Facebook engineer and -- more importantly to us -- Facebook iPhone (and iPod touch) app developer Joe Hewitt announced on Twitter that he:

Just uploaded Facebook for iPhone 3.0 to the App Store for review. [...] I'll be posting more details and screen shots to the app's page on Facebook this week

Here's the Facebook page if you want to follow along, and we're guessing a lot of you do based on how many tweeted and sent this our way! (Thanks everyone!)

UPDATE: AppAdvice has a preview up if you want to see more.

REMINDER: No push notification in Facebook 3.0, that's road mapped for 3.1, which the developer will be starting work on next...

Rene Ritchie

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  • It's quite pathetic that they took this long when the app was "98% done" in their own words at the beginning of summer.. I'm betting Apple will find a way to reject this just to make everyone angry... And I'm pissed that after all this time there still will be no push and likely no video uploading...
  • I can't wait! FB needs a huge update!
  • I second Adam! What took so long? And you'd think that Facebook would be able to have more than ONE developer working on this!!! Push came out months ago. I can't believe they were unable to incorporate this into the Facebook app. Still, from the ONE screenshot I've seen so far, it looks like it'll be a good update. Lets just see how long it actually takes to get to our iPhones! A few weeks at least, I'd say!
  • Finally!!! I love facebook but needs a major upgrade
  • They announced a couple of weeks ago that the reason it hadn't been submitted yet was because they were working on translations into several languages. In other words they wanted the app to work for the widest audience possible out the door.
    Also, regarding push notifications, I'm neither for or against them, but I really don't need MORE apps making my iPhone ding and vibrate. I only have push notifications turned on for a few apps, I doubt I'll make Facebook one of them.
  • cant use it anyway...FB disabled my account (ITS BEEN 7 DAYS!!!!) because i deleted my profile pic and then tried to upload a NEW one...LAME BS!!!
  • Michael, that's a matter of choice but I think it'd be nice to have the option. I guess its good that they want it available in all languages. Obviously us selfish English speakers would probably prefer we had it first haha. But that's not very nice.
  • Bre bre Says:
    August 16th, 2009 at 2:15 pm
    Finally!!! I love facebook but needs a major upgrade
    i agree!
  • so mad no push still
  • Will it still make my iPhone take an hour to backup?
  • @Adam: It will have video uploading for the 3GS. I can confirm that via Joe Hewitt himself.
    And he did apologize for his previous estimate of 98% ;)
  • I laugh at all those who seem to think Facebook 'owes' them push. It's a free service! Stop all this self righteous nonsense and grow up. Be thankful you have anything to okay with - they could just as soon give up on you.
  • A lot of whiners who feel they are entitled to everything on here today. So what, there's no push yet - you've never had it before so it's not like you can't manage without it. And so what, it took a month to finish it when they were "98% done with it" a month ago. Perhaps the last 2% involved vigorious testing to insure we have a good experience (which aren't provided with in the latest version).
    If you want things to move faster why don't you take up programming join facebook and code for them. If any of you can program as well as you can bitch 3.1 will be finished next week.
  • There WILL be video uploading for iPhone 3GS users, which is another reason it took some time. Finally I will actually use this app now, before i just used the m.facebook.com as you could do the things the current facebook app can't.
  • lol lol omg lol that was a good one @Mcdoobie.
  • I agree, there are way too many people complaining. People really need to stop thinking they're entitled to everything and just relax. Wouldn't you rather they take their time to ensure the app is 100% and not just rush it out because people have no patience to wait causing crashes and other issues?
    Facebook is a FREE service...keep that in mind. For those complaining about push...like someone else said, you went all this time without it plus if you need the notification that badly, you can get them thru email & text which is the same thing as push pretty much.
    Enough with the negative...life is way too short
  • I don't get it. What's the deal with all these social networking sites. People publish every single thought they are having throughout the entire day. "Going to work.....Eating dinner...Going to the movies..." etc.
    Oh please, tell me where you live and exactly what time you aren't going to be home so I can rob your stupid a$$!
    We are witnessing the de-evolution of society with these social networking sites.
  • @B&E:
    I post on Facebook once a week, or sometimes even less (ten minutes max). There's nothing wrong with social networking sites, only with people who choose to waste their lives on them.
    Blaming social networking sites for a de-evolution of society is like blaming food for obesity — People have no one to blame but themselves for not eating healthy and getting out and moving!
    I have no pity for either.
  • @B&E
    Actually, we are whitnessing the de-evolution of society when people suggest they will commit a crime by robbing others just because they decide to make use of technology to share information. Robbing people is highly uncivilized. Not sharing information.
  • Yeah getting tired of the old app crashing. And would like to see some more features. I'm glad it's coming. Even though it took all summer. But no complaints because it's free
  • omg... my email has push & it works great o_0
    get over it people. most don't care what you are doing anyway.
  • I agree with Gregg, it kept crashing on mine but at the end of the day it is free so cant complain TOO much
  • B&E: everything that I post on fb is absolutely RIVETING. Don't be all hating.
    As for our push fans: If you need other push options, IM+ and Beejive push fb chats. Works well enough except they aren't free apps.
  • You can upload video in FB right now with UStream, been uploading for weeks, it shoot HQ video and updates over 3g.
    Push on FB will be nice but I have more important things to do with my time. They could fix all of the stuff left out on the iPhone version from the full site.
  • You would think for such an expensive phone, there would not be as many cheap whining people who either can't accept a app that sells for $1.99 or even accept a FREE app like this which has a lot of great features and is being improved. If you do not like how the facebook app works then why have you not written your own facebook app which does more and give it away for free or charge for it...
    Just a thought
  • Said it before, and I'll say it again : FB previously was a POS app.
    With all the money and attention they have, they shoulda hired some kick-ass programmer(s) to get this thing done two months ago.
    FInally - hope it lives up to the hype.
  • Good. Now I can "like" stuff. :) Without using Safari.
  • To all those whining about the whiners. Facebook is ad supported and the iPhone facebook app helps promote the site so while it is technically free, it is worth alot to facebook to have it on your hands. So, essentially it is dumb for facebook to have taken this long, and dumb for you to think we shouldn't expect better.
  • @ Joe McG
    And you're just DUMB!!!
  • If you don't like it, delete it and don't use it. Oh, and shut the hell up!
  • The more push the merrier, less apps I have to open to check messages
  • Where the he'll is the Meebo app?
  • @dexter
    shut the f**k up u gay fag. U don't know what u r talking about i bet u don't have a high school diploma lol lol u retart. And at @Joe McG u r speaking the truth it ain't to many bright people like us on this blog
  • We can't say gay fag what type of s**t is this
  • This is embrassing having to witness ppl fight over something as push. Just be lucky enough that they're updating it.
    Can we get along ^^ <(^^<)
  • Omg guys, its an app! Why are you acting like brutes! Sure, I'm waiting for the update for the facebook app too! But I'm sure the dev is doing the best he can! Calm down.
  • y should I b happy about a "free" app!? they should want to improve there product to keep people interested in there site hence more advertising dollars! being so lazy on there iPhone apps has drawn people to Twitter more with ALL of it's selection and wonderful apps! so YES I EXPECT PUSH jus like in 2009 I expect my local TV station to broadcast in HD!! it's free for me but it keeps me watching them instead of choosing another local TV network because it's in HD
  • All I see is a bunch of grown men bitching about push on facebook. Get a fucking life. Appriciate what you have, you ungrateful bastard.
  • @ Levertis brock
    "shut the f**k up u *** ***. U don’t know what u r talking about i bet u don’t have a high school diploma lol lol u retart. And at @Joe McG u r speaking the truth it ain’t to many bright people like us on this blog"
    Seeing as how you spell, it looks like you're the one who lacks a high school diploma. Goodness grief!
  • Why are you guys cursing? I was not complaining about the lack of push. I was staring that it isn't unreasonable for people to demand better even when apps are free.
    I am more aggrivated with how the current facebook app functions (badly) and have little concern with push.
  • Dexter
    you look like a retard cause you cant spell even that word right.
  • @ Joe McG,
    Guys cursing are just acting like a bunch of spoiled kids. Can't imagine what would happen if they had to pay $.99 for the app. Like you--I just want the app to be reliable. Push will only serve to fuel the complaints about battery endurance.
  • I'm sitting here absolutely cracking up at these comments. It has made my morning. And believe me, it's been a terrible one...
  • If it had push I'd be very excited but since it doesn't woopty doo.
  • Are they going to give us the ability to upload videos as well? Isn't that the whole point of a newer 3.0 version?
  • Want push Facebook? Get yourself a Blackberry.
  • Wow. It still amazes me how people behave on forums and when commenting on things on the internet. Did I say I couldn't live without push? Did I swear or call the makers of Facebook rude names? No. So why should people like me and the other people expressing their personal preferences for the new Facebook app, deserve so much abuse?
    Pete (no 12 to comment): as far as I can tell from reading the posts previous to yours, nobody actually said that Facebook “owed” us push, but as another person later on commented, Facebook are paid through advertisements and its in their interest to create a positive experience for their “customers” (paying or non-paying!!). “They could just soon as give up on you”…. Why would facebook give up on anyone? That would be counterproductive. They are a business like any other. Just because they are paid by advertisements rather than by the users is irrelevant.
    McDoobie, fair enough if they have been completing rigorous testing and that is why its been taking so long. Perhaps they are suffering from the recession and can’t afford to pay as many developers as they ideally would like to get things done quicker. Just because we express an opinion on here does not mean that we are morons!! As for becoming a developer, again, what’s wrong with expressing an opinion: I have enough jobs/hobbies/responsibilities (baby, job, home-business etc) and I don’t have time to devote to learning that too.
    Greg: yes, I agree. It is good that they are taking their time to finish things if it means that the app that eventually emerges is a fully polished, smooth-running app.
    B&E, with respect, it sounds like you are talking through your (to quote your own words) “stupid a$$”. Plus, people don’t tend to publish their addresses on social networking sites and if they do, usually its only visible to their “friends” (on Facebook at least you can hone your security settings to include or exclude whoever from seeing whatever you want). As for the de-evolution of society….. Hardly. Most people I know (including myself) use Facebook as a means of AIDING communication between friends, not replacing it. I keep up with people that I would not otherwise keep in touch with and arrange meetings in person when possible.
    Sorry for the essay. Just thought I’d post my comments as someone who does not feel the need to swear and abuse strangers for no apparent reason on internet forums!!!
  • I love stirring up drama and the best way to do it is to say something outrageous. I'm glad I was able to push so many people's buttons. It really makes my day. :-)
    ........now I'm going to hold my breath and stomp my foot until Facebook updates their app w/ push notification.
  • B&E: if your only aim was to "push so many people's buttons" doesn't that make you as sad as the people berating Facebook for not having Push in their next update?
  • @Dexter
    ???Question what did i spell wrong? can anybody tell me what i spelled wrong?
  • What's with all the people complaining about cussing r yall not grown yall sound like little kids grow up yall lived very sheltered lives
  • Just because we don't think its necessary to swear to put your point across does not mean we have lead sheltered lives. Oh, and "yall" is not actually a word. <>
  • Yesssssss can't wait :) :) :)
  • I really don't get the push thing with regards to facebook. It's possible that someone could make a case for it, but outside messengers like msn or yahoo, I don't see it complementing facebook and may end up being a major annoyance.
    Currently I have several contacts that have an SMS text alert when they post, so that at least gives me the least intrusive push service without wasting my time with little johnny needs a new liver gush posts, that have to be turned off with every single contact on your customized lists.
    Can someone at least post an opinion on making a case for push regarding facebook. There might be something I am missing and I would rather have an informed opinion, rather than one based on outdated thinking.
    I waited long enough for a variety of improvements in the iPhone itself, so a couple more months for me is not gonna break the bank, but the app store really needs to streamline it's approval protocols, and I second the suggestion that the updates get a second tier approval pipeline, twitterific apparently gets faster approval than facebook, WTF
  • Why do people complain about late releases for something that is free? You could go switch platforms and see how much better the iPhone app already is over the Android and blackberry. Also, if you want you could try developing an app yourself. Joe Hewitt puts a lot of time in polishing and making this app work, it has to be well done. Again, stop complaining, go outside and breathe some fresh air and maybe read a book, there are more important things to complain about.
    Joe Hewitt, keep up the good work.